1/13/21 – President Donald Trump Has Been Impeached for Second Time

US Capitol building. Photo courtesy of the Architect of the Capitol. 1/13/21.

President Donald Trump has become the first sitting president to be impeached two times.

The historic moment came after several hours of debate by lawmakers on capitol hill, where just a week ago they were being ushered into secure locations following supporters of the President breaking into the capitol building.

The President faces charges that he was “inciting violence against the Government of the United States” and interfered with the actions of congress to vote on the electoral college vote when he urged supporters to walk down to the capitol.

Close to a dozen GOP members voted to adopt the resolution to impeach the President.

Trump was already impeached in 2019.  Andrew Johnson was impeached in 1868.  Bill Clinton was impeached in 1998.  Richard Nixon faced the possibility of impeachment but resigned in 1974.

House leaders were given two hours of debate in order to offer opportunities for members to address the issues outlined in the articles, that the president incited the riot by stating “if you don’t fight (expletive) you’re not going to have a country anymore.”  On the capitol grounds, a gallows was constructed and rioters were calling to get at Vice-President Mike Pence.

Pence was ushered into the basement of the capitol, along with his wife and family.  No one from his family was reported injured.  Six people died including a capitol hill police officer.  Four civilians died including one person who was shot by officers.  Three others suffered medial conditions.  Another officer has reportedly taken his own life following the events of January 6th.