10/1/20 – GVSU Covid-19 Cases Decline; Moves to “Stay Safe” Order

Students at GVSU have been complying with Stay In Place Orders sent out two weeks ago. Now with declining numbers of the Coronavirus, the Ottawa County Health Department has reduced the situation to a "Stay Safe" order allowing for more movement of students. Photo courtesy of GVSU, 2020.

As a result of improved conditions, Grand Valley State University will move from a “stay in place” to “stay safe” order.

Greg Sanial, GVSU Vice President for Finance and Administration and interim director of the Virus Action Team formally announced the plan but says its a result of GVSU students complying with the original order over the last several weeks.

“We continue to monitor all of our cases very carefully.  We are not seeing the clusters anymore that we saw at the very beginning, when the University opened and we went back to instruction, and all the students were back in place.  We’re seeing much more, one here one there, and its very hard to discern a patter from that.”

Sanial says they have seen cases of Covid-19 drop from 50 or 60 down to 10 per day.  He says ideally they would like to see that number reduced to five per day and eventually removed completely.

The new plan calls for reducing guests in the dorm rooms, indoor gatherings except classrooms will be limited to no more than four people.  Outdoor activities will be limited to no greater than 10 people.  Students who are alone and outside would be allowed to remove their mask but should put one on if encountering another person.  All of these are being instituted to prevent another increase of the coronavirus.

“Even though they may have some restrictions like limits on how many people can come into your apartment or your dorm room, and you have to wear a mask.  But you know, its way better than it was before.  We’re hopeful that our students are going to take that approach; this is definitely an improvement.” says Sanial.

GVSU also has support services in place to assist students with both physical and mental health needs.

A link to the full order can be found at Stay Safe Order.