11/6/20 – Michigan GOP Claims Voter “Irregularities” Plague System

GOP leaders in Michigan are calling for an investigation.

GOP chair Ronna McDaniel says some of their counting observers denied access to the tabulation room in Wayne County.

“We call on Secretary of State Benson and Governor Whitmer to allow our canvassers, our watchers, to be able to have a meaningful presence in these canvasses.  So that we can have assurity that this is a fair and free election.”

McDaniel says hundreds of GOP observers report they were intimidated by Detroit area workers and were not allowed back into the observation area if they went to the bathroom.  McDaniel also claims some poll workers applauded when GOP observers were escorted out of the area for not observing guidelines.

McDaniel also says ballot tabulation machines in Antrim county were faulty and they are used in over two dozen other counties. McDaniel wants those counties to check for “irregularities.”

The GOP plans legal action.

“The RNC has deployed legal teams in four states, including Michigan.  To investigate clear irregularities with vote counting and tabulation in those states.”

McDaniel says they want to ensure that every vote is counted.

“The American people need to have confidence in our elections.”