2/10/21 – Vaccination Efforts Hampered by Limited Supply

Mercy Health St. Mary's. Image courtesy of Mercy Health St. Mary's. 2/10/21

Metro Health St. Mary’s reports they are doling out vaccines as soon as they get them. In a race against the virus, MHSM doctors say they can get people vaccinated in multiple settings, but they can only do so much when their supply of the vaccine is limited. 

Dr. Andrew Jameson, Medical Director of Infection Prevention and Control, says as of now, they have been able to administer thousands of doses. 

“To date, we have received, and in hand, 22,640 Pfizer vaccinesSo that is what we’ve actually received, and we are starting to distribute. Of those received, we’ve given out 21, 960 of thoseAnd that is 97% of the doses received have been distributed. The only reason that’s not 100% is because we still have Thursday and Friday to go this week.” 

Jameson says what ever they receive goes into arms that week. 

However, he does say they have close to 15 hundred Moderna vaccines which have not been distributed. Jameson says those must be kept colder than Pfizer vaccine plus they have a shorter shelf-life. 

Pop up clinics will be happening shortly, and they will be by appointment only. Dr. Karen Kennedy says they hope to serve several communities with around 200 doses.