2/11/21 – Education Spending Get’s A Big Boost

Governor Gretchen Whitmer has unveiled her plans for spending on K-12 education, as well as programs for working families. Photo courtesy of Governor Gretchen Whtimer Facebook. 2/11/21.

Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s budget proposal includes possible funding for your student’s education. 

Whitmer calls it the largest investment in K-12 schools.  203 million to increase base per-pupil funding.  An increase of 14.1 million to continue implementing the weighted foundation model, so students in special education, those facing poverty, students in rural and isolated districts, and English as a second language learners have the resources to succeed in the public school system.  Other additions include: 

200 million will also go to help schools stabilize and mitigate the impacts of Covid-19 on their student bodies. 

250 million to facilitate student academic recovery, mental and phsyical health, and post secondary transition. 

120 million for summer learning and enrichment programs. 

55 million for Filters First program, a program promoting clean and safe drinking water. 

The governor also plans to invest money for working parents with 370 million dollars to lower child-care costs and early childhood learning. 

Whitmer calls it “game-changing” investment in early learning that will provide access to quality, affordable care for 150-thousand additional Michigan families.  It will help parents to keep working while their children receive an education.