2/14/20 – PFAS Levels Safe But Residents Still Concerned

Portage residents turned out for a public hearing on results of well water testing. PFAS levels have been found to be well below safety recommendations. Some residents question the effect on their property values as well as their continued health and safety.

Despite tests that demonstrate PFAS levels are safe in Portage, some residents are not convinced.

State and county health experts met with residents last night to discuss the tests around a monitoring well where higher than normal PFAS results were found.  While wells were found to have safe levels for PFAS, well below safety recommendations, some residents were concerned for both their health and property values.

Some residents wanted more regular testing in order to monitor the expansion of any possible contamination zone.  They feel the recommended action wasn’t strong enough to notify them of any potential ground contamination.

Several residents questioned the option of hooking up to municipal water supply.  The average cost runs between five thousand and 10-thousand dollars.

Other residents didn’t feel safe drinking water from their wells.  They felt the health concerns outweighed the findings that point to safe levels of PFAS well below the recommended levels.