2/22/21 – US to see reprieve in winter weather, warm temps to return to Texas

(ABC AirPower) – Isolated light snow showers crept across parts of the Northeast and Central Appalachians Sunday, setting up a new week of strong winter weather.

Pittsburgh and Cleveland are looking at a messy Monday commute with snow expected to fall in the early a.m. with rain enveloping the Tennessee Valley.

Some pockets of light freeing rain may even develop across parts of the Central Appalachians and may begin in New York as snow in the early afternoon but end as rain by Monday evening.

The good news is that most of the country is looking at a much quieter weather pattern this week with only the Pacific Northwest, however, being the exception as they should see rounds of rain and snow.

Additionally, temperatures will finally get back to near seasonable levels across the central US this week.

Dallas is forecast to reach 60 degrees on Sunday, which is the first time temperatures will be that mild since Feb. 8, almost two weeks ago, and will be just short of their average high by 2 degrees.

Charlotte will be at 58 degrees on Tuesday which is the mildest since February 10 and will be two degrees above average.

It should get up to 70 degrees or higher at San Diego International Airport on Sunday which will be the first time since February 1 and this will be five degrees above average for them.

Texas continues to recover from last week’s storms.  The storms knocked out power, which froze pipes, and caused them to burst and damage homes and businesses.  They are in need of plumbers and materials.

At least 70 deaths are linked to the storms that moved across the U.S. last week and half of them were in Texas.