2/23/21 – COVID-19 vaccine appointment phone scam

(Mlive) – Someone is trying to use the COVID-19 vaccine to try and scam unsuspecting people on the phone. The scam is related to vaccine appointments.

Specifically in Oakland County, they are sending out a warning to anyone who may receive a phone like this. The caller first asks people questions in order to schedule a vaccine appointment. The caller then asks for personal and financial information, something that would never be asked of you to give to health officials.

If you receive a call like this and think it’s a scam or think you may have become a victim, you can report it by calling the non emergency phone number of your local police department.

Here is a list of COVID-19 vaccine locations throughout Michigan. The Michigan COVID hotline number is: 888-535-6136.

Some tips to avoid being scammed include:
  • Making a list of contact information for family members, close friends, health providers or anyone who might call regularly. This will help you know if the call is legitimate.
  • Letting a call go to voicemail if you don’t recognize a phone number. Scammers rarely leave messages.
  • Hanging up if a stranger asks for personal or financial information. It is OK to hang up.
  • Remembering that government agencies will always identify themselves.
  • Not sharing any personal information such as your social security number to anyone over the telephone.