6/12/17 – Historic summit between U.S. & North Korea

President Donald Trump is telling reporters that North Korea’s denuclearization will have to be total and verifiable as he prepares to head home from his historic summit with Kim Jong Un.

Trump spoke with reporters on Tuesday shortly before Air Force One took off from Singapore after a day of meetings with Kim.

Trump says the U.S. would have to verify North Korea’s denuclearization. He says: “We’re going to have to check it. We will check it. Total and complete.”

Trump is heading home a day earlier than expected. He said he didn’t want to stay an extra night when everything he’d set out to do had been accomplished.

He says, “There was nothing more we could have done.”

President Donald Trump also announced the stoppage of U.S.-South Korean annual war games. Trump spoke to reporters after his summit and essentially took the North Korean line on the military exercises, calling them “provocative.”

The 28,500 U.S. troops are stationed in South Korea.

Trump called the war games “tremendously expensive,” suggested South Korea didn’t contribute enough and said they would be “inappropriate” as the U.S. and North Korea negotiate a new relationship.