7/27/20 – Round 2 of Stimulus Could Include Less of Everything

Lawmakers were working over the weekend to hammer out a new stimulus plan both major parties could agree upon.

Treasury Secretary Steve Manuchin says there is agreement in some corners.  “We do have a fundamental agreement between the White House and Republicans in the Senate.”  according to Manuchin, who’s been at the center of negotiations between the White House, GOP and Democrats.

While there appears to be agreement on 12-hundred dollar stimulus checks for individuals, with a cap for households, providing continued, additional, federal unemployment checks looks to have been one area of disagreement.  Senate GOP members believe providing the additional benefit at that level discouraged people from going back to work.  The GOP plan changed the amount from 600 per week to 300 dollars per month.   They say is should help replace around 70% of wages.

The plan also includes protections for businesses from Coronavirus related lawsuits.

The current federal unemployment plan does expire on Friday.

Democrats this past week believed there needed to be more comprehensive assistance and that would require more of a roll-out plan that could have extended into September.