7/31/20 – Kent County Schools to Receive “Get Back to School” Assistance

Two million dollars has been allocated for Kent County schools to purchase approved PPE for the upcoming school year.

The Kent County COVID Relief Subcommittee unanimously approved the allocation to be used by school to purchase the equipment in dealing with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.  The money still needs approval from the finance committee and then the full board.  However, that won’t likely happen till the end of August, when most schools would have already started the school year.

The money is part of the 115 million dollars in federal CARES Act grant sent to the county earlier this year.

Committee Chair Mandy Bolter says the safety and mental health of children are the primary concern of every parent and by allocating the funding “we can be part of the solution to keep our kids and teachers as safe as possible and help to bring back some normalcy in this crazy time.”

The board will also create a distribution formula and approved list of PPE material to assist schools in making sure they receive a fair and equitable share of the funding.

There are about 400 schools in the Kent Intermediate School District.