7/31/20 – Tropical Storm Isaias Gain Strength


Tropical Storm Isaias continues its path through the Caribbean leaving intense flooding in Puerto Rico.

Multiple municipalities on the west and east side of the island have been hit the hardest by the storm. Heavy rain and intense flooding have led to destruction in communities that were already vulnerable due to the earthquakes.

Tropical Storm Isaias crossed over the Dominican Republic on Thursday as it continues its path toward the East Coast of the U.S.

Isaias will likely be near the Turks and Caicos Islands and southern Bahamas on Friday. However, the storm has the possibility to strengthen as it interacts with the more mountainous terrain if Hispaniola.

If the storm can maintain its organization and some intensity past Hispaniola, there will be some opportunity for strengthening on Friday and Saturday as the storm moves through the warm waters near the Bahamas and east of Florida.

Isaias has even more potential to strengthen Friday into Saturday, it it manages to stay east of Florida and avoid a tremendous amount of land interaction. With warmer waters along the Southeast coast line, the storm may maintain intensity or gain strength.

As for where the storm will hit, the cone of uncertainty includes the possibility of Isaiah staying just offshore and traveling along the East Coast into early next week, which could impact Georgia, the Carolinas and perhaps the Mid-Atlantic and into part of the Northeast.