8/13/20 – Harris Tapped As VP Candidate

US Senator Kamala Harris is chosen as former Vice President Joe Biden's Democratic running mate. Photo courtesy of Harris' Facebook page.

Former Vice President Joe Bidenand Senator Kamala Harris appeared together for the first time as running mates Wednesday afternoon in Wilmington, Delaware, where much of the focus was on Harris, the first Black woman and Asian American woman on the ticket of a major political party.

“She’s a proven fighter,” Biden said, as Harris watched from a chair set up well behind the lectern where one candidate could sit while the other spoke in a local high school gym. U.S., state and territory flags served as the backdrop.

“She’s ready to do this job on Day One,” Biden said.

Harris said she and Biden are “cut from the same cloth” referring to the significant role family plays in their lives. She said Biden’s call reminded her of the first Biden she worked closely with, Biden’s late son Beau.

Showing some of her skills as former prosecutor, she argued the case against the Trump administration by slamming the president’s coronavirus response.

Offering a preview of what’s to come heading into the election, President Donald Trump was quick to fire insults at Harris, whom he called “nasty,” saying she had disrespected both Biden in the primary debates as well as Brett Kavanaugh in his Supreme Court confirmation hearing.

But in its first 24 hours since the announcement, the Trump team as a whole appeared to struggle with its messaging on Harris.

Vice President Mike Pence welcomed Harris to the race while at a campaign event in Mesa, Arizona and also teased the first the vice presidential debate on October 7 in Utah, adding to his message, “Congratulations. I’ll see you in Salt Lake City.” #vote2020