8/13/20 – Wyoming Water Usage Spikes – New Calls For Cutting Back

Wyoming has instituted a temporary sprinkling ban as one transmission line is being repaired. However, spikes in usage have been seen and an increase in demand could put further strain on the system.

A temporary reduce capacity call has been met with a few problems.

Wyoming city leaders imposed a sprinkling ban that started on Tuesday because of a water main repair that needed to have water pressure remain steady.  The ban not only affects Wyoming residents but also residents of 12 other communities that receive water service from Wyoming public works.

Currently, there is only one of two water transmission lines at work because of the repairs.  That means the system can readily maintain the demand for indoor water service, but increased usage puts more train on the system.

City leaders say they have seen spikes in water usage that leads them to believe some people are not adhering to the sprinkling ban.  They have not specified which communities have seen an increase but say that the problem is with the overall increase in water usage.  If the water pressure drops, bacteria can build up and that would lead to a possible contamination event.  That would lead to a boil water advisory and create other problems that could be avoided.

Director of Public Works Myron Erickson says water remains “safe and drinkable so long as the water pressure is maintained.”  He says its important for residents and users of the system to follow the temporary sprinkling ban.

The Wyoming Water Service extends to these communities:

Zeeland Township

Park Township

Olive Township

Blendon Township

Holland Township

Georgetown Township

Jamestown Township

Byron Township

Gaines Township

City of Hudsonville

City of Grandville

A part of the city of Kentwood

City of Wyoming