9/23/20 – No Charges Filed Related to the Death of Breonna Taylor

Breonna Taylor was awarded for her service as an EMT in the city of Louisville, KY. Photo courtesy of the city of Louisville.

A grand jury has returned only three charges of wanton endangerment in connection with the shooting death of Breonna Taylor.  None of those charges are directly related to her death.  Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron says Detective Brett Hankinson fired 10 rounds into the apartment where Taylor was sleeping but only faces three counts of wanton endangerment.

Cameron says on the night of March 13th of this year, Taylor was asleep in another room when officers, Hankinson, Sgt. John Mattingly and Detective Miles Cosgrove, entered the apartment after announcing they were officers with a search warrant.  Taylor’s boyfriend went to the door as officers kicked in the door.  Kenneth Walker the Third says he didn’t hear officers announce their presence and he thought someone was breaking into the home.  He fired one shot that didn’t strike anyone.  Walker is licensed to carry a firearm.

Cameron says in total, 16 shots were fired by the officers into the home.  Walker was not injured.

Hankinson faces the charges because the bullets he fired went into other apartments.

Cameron says he understands some may disagree with the charges calling the case “a tragedy.”

“Justice is not often easy, does not fit the mold of public opinion, and it does not conform to shifting standards.  It answers only to the facts, and to the law.”

Taylor was asleep and in another room when police entered her apartment at one in the morning.  Cameron says Taylor was hit six times with one shot being fatal.  The Kentucky State Police Crime Lab was unable to determine who fired the fatal shot that killed Taylor.  The FBI’s National Crime Lab however was able to determine the bullet came from Cosgrove’s weapon.  Cosgrove does not face any charges.