9/29/20 – Governor Gets Worried As Cases Rise

Governor Gretchen Whitmer cites a growing number of Coronavirus cases in Northern Michigan as call for concern.

Speaking in Houghton, Whitmer says many of the cases are popping up in the southwest corner of Northern Michigan.  This is affecting schools, universities, and businesses who are trying to get back on their feet.  Tourism is a huge part of the Northern Michigan economy and shutting down for months has certainly impacted their business.

Whitmer cited a program, the State’s Small Business Restart Grant Program for making a huge difference in improving the situation.

“More than 10-thousand small businesses and non-profits around Michigan, have been awarded 61 million dollars in grants by the local economic development organizations as of September 10th.”

Whitmer says those grants are specifically geared towards small businesses owned by veterans, minorities, and women.

However, the governor says cases have also grown to over 70 cases per million, a number that indicates coronavirus cases are not leveling off but have in fact redeveloped and increased.  Whitmer says the more people adhere to wearing masks, washing hands and social distancing, the better off people will be in combating the disease.

“The virus isn’t going to go away cause we’re sick of it.  There are clear, easy, concrete things that everyone of us do, to protect ourselves.”

The Governor says the hospital system in Northern Michigan are excellent.  However they are simply not able to handle a large capacity of patients.  Whitemer says while everyone is tired of all the efforts, now is not the time to drop our guard.