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March 12

Ep. 030: The One With Canadian Family Day

Welcome to WCSG Backstage! We celebrate our 30th episode with some random Top 3 lists, discuss those first signs of Spring, and celebrate some “Tell Me Something Good” stories! Thanks for listening!

Previous Episodes

February 26

Ep. 029: The One With the Hot Dog Sandwich

Welcome to WCSG Backstage! Come behind the scenes as we dream up our ideal themed cruise vacation, check in on the craziest stories the internet has to offer with “What the What!?”, and head back to “Bullpen Court”! Thanks for listening!
February 12

Ep. 028: The One With a Lot of Heart

Welcome to WCSG Backstage! We’re back with a new name, and a blend of fun for Ground Hog’s Day as well as a lot of heart just in time for Valentine’s Day! Thanks for listening!
January 22

Ep. 027: Cheater, Cheater, Pumpkin Eater

Welcome to the Bullpen! It’s the first official episode of 2019 and this week we imagine ourselves as action figures, try to trick each other with 2 Truths and a Lie, and explore those amazing What the WHAT!? stories! Thanks for listening!
January 4

Ep. 026: Christmas Spectacular 2018

Welcome to the Bullpen! It’s Christmas and this week, we do a Bullpen Gift Exchange, put together the BEST Christmas with the “Christmas Draft”, share some of our favorite Christmas memories and Brittany shares one more holiday “Deep Cut”! Thanks for listening! (Note: Apologies for the delay. Our media server went down just before Christmas and caused the posting of this episode to be delayed. Thanks for your patience!)
December 11

Ep. 025: Ceiling Fan Dipping Sauce

Welcome to the Bullpen! This week, we celebrate a couple of Michigan Jeopardy contestants by running through some Teen Jeopardy questions, we toss in a few “2 Truths and a Lie” and with Tom’s latest “Deep Cut”, you’ve got a new episode! Thanks for listening!
November 27

Ep. 024: One Year Later

Welcome to the Bullpen! This week, we’re celebrating one year of Welcome to the Bullpen and reflecting on some personal birthday memories, share some of those feel good stories with “Tell Me Something Good”, and share some pretty tricky “Would You Rather” questions! Thanks for listening!
November 13

Ep. 023: The One with Pumpkin Pie, Mashed Potatoes, Gravy, Cranberry Sauce, & Chicken Skin

Welcome to the Bullpen! It’s the week before Thanksgiving so we show much love towards Turkey Day! We figure out our Thanksgiving Food Personalities, take a stroll through “What the WHAT!?”, dive into a little Thanksgiving Trivia, and share our Thankfuls around the Bullpen Table. Thanks for listening!
October 30

Ep. 022: Cured Meats for Days

Welcome to the Bullpen! This week we try to guess the plots of Hallmark Christmas Movies, play a round of Would You Rather and 2 Truths and a Lie, and Jeremy shares a Deep Cut from Carrollton! Thanks for listening!
October 16

Ep. 021: Mine! Mine! Mine!

Welcome to the Bullpen as we introduce a new segment “Soap Opera Circle”! We also head back to the courtroom for “Bullpen Court” and take a walk through the craziest news stories in “What the WHAT!?” Thanks for listening!
October 2

Ep. 020: The One with Chris August

Welcome to the Bullpen as we welcome Chris August! Chris joins the Bullpen for “Don’t Think. Just Answer.”, a tasty candy edition of “2 Truths and a Lie”, we dive into some fishbowl questions, and Chris shares a hauntingly cool “Deep Cut”! Thanks for listening!
September 18

Ep. 019: Young Body/Old Face

Welcome to the Bullpen! We kick things off with a rowdy round of “Would you rather…” questions, wrap up our latest season of “Don’t Think. Just Answer.”, and share some of the great news we found with “Tell Me Something Good”! Also…This week’s “Deep Cut” gets in the Holiday spirit! Thanks for listening!
September 4

Ep. 018: Dances with Patch Avatar

Welcome to the Bullpen! This week, we share the plot to movies we’ve never seen, but everyone else has. We also dive into another round “Don’t Think. Just Answer.” and “What the WHAT!?”, as well as another great “Deep Cut”! Thanks for listening!
August 21

Ep. 017: The SCC Episode

Welcome to the Bullpen! This week, we dive into those first Christian music experiences, we’re joined by a very special guest who not only joins us for “Don’t Think. Just Answer.” and a Q&A full of fishbowl questions, but they also have this week’s “Deep Cut”! Thanks for listening!