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West Michigan’s Best Sledding!


Where do YOU take the kids to sled? Here are some favorites in and around Grand Rapids. Add yours to the list: 888.942.WCSG. (Thanks to Tom Neering for compiling this list!)

Ada Vista Elementary School

good for older and younger kids

Manhattan Park

good for older kids w/ a smaller hill for the young ones

Byron Center Christian School (middle school)

off Byron Center Rd.

Zion Christian School

Byron Center and 76th st.

Belknap Hill (Mary Waters Park)

corner of Lafayette and Leonard (a great hill for kids of all ages)

Provin Trails

just west of Robinette’s on 3 Mile off the E. Beltline…big hills!

Richmond Park

Grand Rapids, Michigan 49504…good for older kids

Mulick Park

1761 Rosewood Avenue Southeast, Grand Rapids…great for all ages


In Rockford. Some serious tubing!

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2 Responses to West Michigan’s Best Sledding!

  1. Kim Helm says:

    Charlie’s dump in Jenison!!! No trees, just 4 different hills to slide down and it’s lit up at night too. Great for ALL ages!!

  2. Cionnie Cougar says:

    The Boy Scout hill in Lowell is really good. It’s on the North side of town, past the cemetary near Attwood Mfg.

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