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Jason from Building429 on the Morning Show!

Building 429

Jason from Building429 was our guest Thursday morning.  They’re on the Main Stage at Big Ticket Festival, Saturday @ 5:10 p.m.  Check out their latest news HERE

If you missed it, download the podcast!

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One Response to Jason from Building429 on the Morning Show!

  1. Richard Hawkins says:

    Both my wife Teresa and I have been blessed by your station, the music, sermons and speakers from many ministries and churchs and your daily news about Gramd Rapids and national news, and international coverage with a christian perspective. I missed your local news show yesterday morning (wednesday, June 23). I called my wife at work and she said you had a story she heard driving to work, which she explained that she was surprised about the city of Grand Rapids city commission wanting residents to have to buy a large cart for trash only and a fee charged each time it is picked up. We already have a cart for newspaper, bottles,cans, etc. As residents of G.R., we are already charged a fee of $1.50 per tag for each trash bag picked up. I tried to access this story on your website last night, but couldn’t find it. I was hoping you could e-mail that story back to me I would really appreciate it. I was surprisrd I couldn’t find a word about this story on any of the local T.V. wedsites, or the G.R. Press, I’m hoping you could help me. Thank You! God Bless your station! -Richard Hawkins

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