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WCSG Prays for Colorado

Colorado wildfires

Pray for our friends in Colorado, including ministries connected to WCSG such as Compassion International and Focus on the Family. Significant wildfires have been sparked in Colorado Springs and are currently only 5% contained.

Download the podcast of Zach’s report from Colorado.

Learn how YOU can help through the Salvation Army and American Red Cross.

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2 Responses to WCSG Prays for Colorado

  1. Shelley says:

    Good morning John,

    I also think that it is important for us to be praying for God’s kindom to increase through this situation. We have, like you have said many ministries out in this area. Please also pray that our ministries would be strengthen in wisdom, phyisical strength and courage to minister to those who will be needing help. God could really use this for his kingdoms growth. Paul was induring great suffering himself while other were brought into the family of God. Just some thoughts this morning.

  2. John says:

    Definitely… thanks, Shelley! WCSG’s Mission Network News is connected to nearly 80 ministries in and around Colorado Springs. We’ll have more from them, and continue to pray for them, in the hours and days ahead. Thank you for joining us! -JB

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