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Audio update from the orphanage

John Balyo was able to call in to Your Family Friendly Morning Show from the orphanage in India this morning.

Please click below to hear the 5-minute audio update.

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(7 year old Sona pictured)

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2 Responses to Audio update from the orphanage

  1. Jessi shear says:

    Hey John and team!

    Just wanted to let you all know I am praying for you all while you’re there. I know not all of you (Megan) have been on a trip like this, so I’m going to offer you some words that might be helpful.

    This is going to be a life-changing trip for you. Your eyes are going to be opened to so much. God is going use each and every one of you in some way to help further his Kingdom (isn’t that exciting???). There will be times you feel helpless, and wish you could do so much more. I pray you find the peace that these children are in God’s care.

    Keep your heart open to what God is teaching you, because he will be teaching you something. It may not be huge, or even related to the work you’re doing. Keep your goals and focus in mind. Get to know your team. Laugh often. And last but not least, keep the cream away from John! I’m praying for you guys and can’t wait to hear more about your trip!

    Megan, you and I will need to go out for coffee and compare trips! I’m so glad you have this opportunity! Have a great time! Continuing to pray for you!!!

  2. Steve Dirksen says:

    Keep up the work guys! Jeff is right, a rockin phone line! Please tell my wife we miss her!

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