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God’s Exchange Rate

It’s a week of summer break at the orphanage and so today the team took advantage of it by spending the entire day with the 80+ kids. The morning was full with Vacation Bible school planned by our team, complete with crafts and … line dancing? Sure. Why not? And for having never heard of it, the kids did just fine!

After lunch it was a tip of the hat to London as we hosted our own Olympic games with the kids. Sack relays and ping-pong balls carried in spoon relays, bean bag and water balloon tosses, frisbee throws and jumping rope all combined for two hours of fun, followed by a round of dodgeball mayhem where everyone gets hit (often) and no one is out. Who’d have thought that two dozen small beach balls could bring such a great time? A light rain didn’t dampen the festivities, but we did move them inside and helped the kids create their own sponsor cards.

To round out the afternoon just before dinner, we were privileged to give the orphanage and its staff more than 200 pounds (4 suitcases full) of goods including school/art supplies, toys, personal hygiene items and socks and underwear, collected by the team before we left for India. The team then matched that gift with an impromptu team offering that totaled nearly $1,100 in cash. Thank you team! We finished the night by watching Kung Fu Panda 2 with the kids, or maybe it was we watched the kids watch Kung Fu Panda 2. The latter was probably more enjoyable.

As we look back on the day and what was given in time and gifts, the words from so many team members, “We received so much more than we gave ” was the chorus repeated time and time again. What we gave bore evidence again that God’s idea of financial security is so much different than what we’re used to every day; you truly cannot out-give God. The return in your investment will likely be in a different “currency” than what you started with, even more different than converting dollars to rupees, but you can’t beat God’s exchange rate that’s for sure.

– Chris Lemke

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  1. Steve Dirksen says:

    Go get em Chris. Shine on!

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