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Back in Delhi, but part of our hearts in Manali…

WCSG in India

Yet another lesson in flexiblity this morning as our “quick” flight from Manali back to Delhi ended up as a five-hour wait in the small unairconditioned Kulu Airport terminal. At least this time we had a plane and could avoid the 18-hour bus ride through the windy cliffside roads!  Long story short, we’re back in Delhi after three busy days in Manali. Nestled into the beautiful Himalayan mountain range, Dar-Ul-Fazl (“House of Grace”) is home to 95 orphans. Attached to it is the Rainbow School, which teaches children from the orphanage, and the nearby village, from a Christian persective. It’s a rare spot of hope in an area where fewer than half of one percent profess to be Christian.

While a part of us hated to leave Manali, the advantage of our return to Delhi: some down time. We had a tasty lunch in the hotel restaurant and we’re resting comfortably in our air conditioned rooms (it’s 104 and humid outside). Tomorrow, we journey to Agra to see one of the wonders of the world: TajMahal

On Friday we head to a slum in Delhi for some VBS and time with the kids. We expect this to be a very eye-opening, and likely a sobering, experience. Please pray that God uses us to effectively show Christ’s unconditional love. Pray for God’s continued favor as we travel and for health too (so far so good, no “Delhi Belly” issues!)

Check back for more updates soon. You can also follow Linda and Anna’s blog HERE. Find updates from Orphan Outreach on their Facebook page.

And finally, here are my pictures from our trip so far. Thanks for your part in WCSG’s Mission to India with Orphan Outreach!

- John Balyo

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