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Sharing God’s Love in the Slums

photo by John Balyo

Today was definitely an eye-opener for the team. After an hour at a local doll museum in Dehli with some of the kids we’ll be visiting tomorrow, we grabbed lunch and started the two-hour trek across town to the slums in northern Dehli. It’s hard to adequately describe the smell, mixed with the scenes of poverty outside the bus window. When it was time to stop and walk the dirt paths to the school, there was a bit of hesitation before we funneled into the gathering crowd of excited kids and curious adults. The kids at the school had gathered on this late afternoon specifically to greet us. We sang songs, Annette played some music on her violin, then we did crafts and stories with an emphasis on Christ’s love.

I’m sure the team would agree that we’re seeing the power of a simple smile, wave or hug to say (even without words): “You’re important and God loves you!”  – John Balyo

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One Response to Sharing God’s Love in the Slums

  1. Linda Power says:

    The outting was a blast, but imagine a doll museum in fast forward. Those kids flew through it!!! They really enjoyed the dolls from India.

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