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Our Final Day in India

Headed to the airport for the 24 hour trip back home. Departing Delhi today with wheels down in GR tomorrow afternoon. Really, really good trip. Home soon.


Our last full day began bright and early by leaving the hotel at eight and arriving at the school where our group of kids would be. This slum would be similar in sight, sound and smell to the one we visited yesterday except it seemed to be less populated. But then again, it was Saturday morning.

And like yesterday, the locals were certainly curious. We walked the 200ish meters to the school where we were greeted by 35-40 uniformed boys and girls sitting outside on an orange carpet beneath a thin red tarp. “Awkward” best describes initial contact in such settings, especially when there are barriers of cultural and social adjustment. But as it was true yesterday, so too was it true today that a song, a hug, a smile, a spoken hello made face to face can melt the ice faster than the heat of an Indian morning in July.

After the music played, the story of Jesus was told again, pictures were colored, bead necklaces were made, gifts were given, long good byes were said, and our time was over before we knew it. One might wonder if the brief time we had would really make a difference for the kids, but its more than probable our visit was as much about what God would do in our lives as well.

We look over this past week and note that India and all it offers is much like life, and in every part of it there is grace. When life gets hot and sticky, there is Grace. When life looks poor and impoverished, there is Grace. When life gets dirty and smells bad, there is Grace. When life looks ugly and hopeless, there is Grace. We have seen Jesus in so many faces; seen now more clearly through the brokenness and poverty of our own souls.

– Chris Lemke

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