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Back-to-School with WCSG

Back to School with WCSG

As your family gets used to the new fall routine, thanks for making WCSG part of your mornings!  John and Amanda start your day every weekday at 6 a.m.

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3 Responses to Back-to-School with WCSG

  1. Carol Keller says:

    Great to see Amanda and John team up! I think they’ll make a terrific duo.

  2. Carolyn Phillips says:

    Hey, Amanda, welcome to G.R., where we pronounce Villa Maria, Vill-a, not Vee-ah. You must be from somewhere with a strong Latin or Hispanic influence. Villa Maria was originally a school/home for girls, founded by Polish Catholics, I believe.

    • Amanda says:

      Hi Carolyn! Actually, I’m from West Michigan. We debated on the best way to pronounce that one, and apparently guessed incorrectly. Thanks for the correction and for making WCSG a part of your day. – Amanda

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