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The Story Behind “Forgiveness”

Thursday morning, we talked to Matthew West about his new album “Into The Light.” We were able to hear Renee’s powerful story behind the story “Forgiveness.”  Take a look (and prepare to be blessed).

If you missed our chat with Matthew, download the podcast!

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2 Responses to The Story Behind “Forgiveness”

  1. Sarah Blocher says:

    I love how Matthew has taken time to write songs that truly reflect the stories of every day people living out God’s plans for their lives. Incredibly touching and amazing. In a small way it is a smallish picture of the body of Christ being the body of Christ.

    To Renee…thank you for taking a tragedy and using it as an opportunity to speak of God’s love and ultimate forgiveness.

  2. Melanie Yoder says:

    Wow, powerful story! What a blessing to hear and see forgiveness in action…forgive the impossible is possible through the power of Christ.
    I am humbled as I think of ways in my life I can truly forgive…

    Thanks Matthew,Renee and WCSG

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