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Praying for our President

Election 2012

JoAnne called this morning to share some post-election perspective from the devotional, “Jesus Calling.” Many in our listening family have already been blessed by these words:

Worship Me in the beauty of holiness. All true beauty reflects some of who I AM. I am working My ways in you: the divine Artist creating loveliness within your being. My main work is to clear out debris and clutter, making room for My Spirit to take full possession. Collaborate with Me in this effort by being willing to let go of anything I choose to take away. I know what you need, and I have promised to provide all of that abundantly!

Your sense of security must not rest in your possessions or in things going your way. I am training you to depend on Me alone, finding fulfillment in My Presence. This entails being satisfied with much or with little, accepting either as My will for the moment. Instead of grasping and controlling, you are learning to release and receive. Cultivate this receptive stance by trusting Me in every situation.

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One Response to Praying for our President

  1. Elaine Drenth says:

    John and Amanda, I love walking to the music on your a.m. show. How about some celebratory music ? There are conservative Christians and liberal Christians and some of us voted for President Obama . No matter our political leanings, we are all saved by grace through the blood of Jesus. Many non- Christians I know have been personally hurt by the words or actions of Christians and I echo John’s caution in how we react if we are disappointed in the election results. Keep up the good work. Elaine

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