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The WCSG Drive-Thru Difference Returns!

Today, we invite you to be a part of something BIG in West Michigan as WCSG’s listening family takes part in the WCSG Drive-Thru Difference!

Print this coupon and hand it to the drive-thru attendant as you “pay it backward” at the coffee shop, drive thru or gas station today.  We hope you’ll share your story with us at 888-942-WCSG (9274) or on facebook.

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4 Responses to The WCSG Drive-Thru Difference Returns!

  1. Michael Hoven says:

    “pay it backward” is a wonderful way to share a random act of kindness. I have even shown this act upon entry to a state park. In doing this my hope is that they may consider what is written upon the rear of my car. “In God We Trust”. Here is something to consider for ourselves. Bring it forward, After recieving an overpayment at a drive through I have driven back through the drive through in order to return the overpayment. In doing this the random act of kindness is shown to the employee who is accountable for the cash drawer. Unfortunitly to many drive away having thoughts of wow what a blessing from God, God is Good, my thought is that He is looking at our integrity so how good are we to God?

  2. B says:

    Ended up going out on my lunch hour to “pay it backwards” I went to four places…and each time, I got different reactions from the person at the window…always very positive…once they realized what I was trying to do. Can’t say what cars behind thought, I always tried to “make a quick getaway” After work, I hit another restaurant…the cashier was dumbfounded…then she smiled and said, “You’re an angel.” I laughed a little, and replied, “Not really.” Then one last place before bible study…I went to a pharmacy drive through…I couldn’t know how much the next person’s bill would be, so I just asked the “very cooperative” young man at the window to apply the cash I left to the next person’s bill, and give them the coupon…in retrospect, I wish I’d left two coupons…just in case the car behind me was getting one of the free prescriptions that pharmacy carried…then the young man could have given them a coupon, and then the next car too. Sorry, didn’t mean to go on and on, but it is such an awesome concept…I pray for the bountiful fruits it will produce. Thanks for the kick-start, WCSG. ;-)

  3. Starbucks Employee says:

    Hey WCSG,

    I just wanted to share a story because I know you are doing the Drive-Thru Difference right now. I am an employee at Starbucks on M6 & Kalamazoo, and yesterday after a very long day I had to work. My supervisor put me on drive-thru for the night. I had a couple cars come through but then this women, probably a little over 22 years old paid for her drink. When I opened up the window to h
    and give her drink to her, she handed me a $10 and with a smile said please use this for cars until there is no more left. I listen to your station regularly, and the Jesus sticker on the back of her car let me know she must as well. I used that $10 to pay for about 4 cars, the 4th car, after I told them that some of it was covered (because it didn’t cover it all), purchased a $10 gift card for me to use on other cars, and then about 4 cars later, someone gave me a 5. Although I lost track of how many cars this went on for, it didn’t fail to make my long day worth going to work.

    Thank you for encouraging those to make a difference.
    Good Bless

  4. Valerie says:

    As I placed my order inside Bigby this afternoon someone in the drive through was paying it backwards. I told the cashier I heard about it on the radio but had never seen it take place. I went on to tell the cashier the “awesome” story I heard of the lady who was about to cancel her pie order but it was covered when she got to the window. As we were talking the customer at the window who had their order paid for decided to pay for my $2 coffee inside and give the remaining $4 of what his coffee may have cost to the tip jar. It made many people’s afternoon! Thank you for starting a positive contagion!

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