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WCSG’s Drive-Thru Difference

WCSG Drive-Thru Difference

Have you made someone’s day lately? WCSG’s Drive-Thru Difference can do more than that… it can introduce someone to your favorite station, and maybe to Christ! Check out this call from Betsy.

If you’ve been a part of WCSG’s Drive-Thru Difference, or another “Intentional Act of Kindness,” call us at 1.888.942.WCSG or comment below!

Click HERE for the coupon to give to the Drive-Thru attendant.

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One Response to WCSG’s Drive-Thru Difference

  1. Jon Cramer says:

    In regards to the question of what society is losing, the answer that jumped right out to me is personal communication. It seems like fewer and fewer people know how to genuinely communicate. They either send a text or e-mail. The biggest group effected are middle/high school students. Even if they are out with friends, they are playing on their phones rather than enjoying the time together. Unfortunately, that affects many things – including respect. I am heavily involved with our local high school, and I see a lot of this. Thankfully, God is using me to influence the students to really connect with each other.
    It’s amazing what giving someone a call, or even stopping by to say hi, can do for both people. I pray that God’s people can continue to spread His love – personally! Technology can definitely help, but there’s nothing like face to face conversation!

    Have a great day!

    (I realize I’m going against what I just said… But I’m at work and am unable to call right now!)

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