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Rascal Flatts on the Morning Show!

Rascal Flatts

Gary LeVox, lead singer of Rascal Flatts, joined us on Wednesday morning’s show!  Listen to the podcast to hear more about the song, “Changed” and what inspires the guys in Rascal Flatts!

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  1. Bonnie Staffen says:

    I was listening to John and Amanda on my way to work this morning. You were asking for favorite books. I must preface this by saying that I am a School Librarian, so there are so many favorites. I will give you two of my best favorites. “War horse” by Michael Morpurgo and “The White Giraffe” by Lauren St. John. War horse is a story about a horse Joey from England who is drafted during World War II. The story is told from the horses point of view. It is an excellent story!! The white giraffe is a story about a girl who looses her parents in a house fire and shipped to Africa to live with a grandmother she never knew existed. They are both wonderful stories.

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