Your Family Friendly Morning Show

Mandisa on Your Family Friendly Morning Show!

Mandisa @ WCSG

Mandisa joined John & Amanda on Monday’s show! If you missed it, check out 14 minutes of fun in this podcast.

John & Amanda Zumba with Mandisa!

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4 Responses to Mandisa on Your Family Friendly Morning Show!

  1. Candy says:

    Good sports! Loved it!

  2. Heard you guys this morning and had to check it out. John was definitely hiding. Amanda and Mandisa did great. So much fun to watch.

  3. Dawn Thole says:

    This recording is AWESOME!!!! It has certainly inspired me to get my Zumba tape out again and have some FUN. Thanks Mandisa, John, and Amanda. Love the show.

  4. Cc says:

    Wow..that was a work out! Great job! Heard John praise you up Amanda this morning! You did a great routine with Mandisa! :)

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