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Iguanas and snakes and JB, Oh My!

Vacation photo from JB

So far, this is the most popular of my vacation pictures. It was taken in Jamaica at a place called “Dolphin Cove.” Do you have any fun vacation photos from this year? Share them on our facebook page and bring back some vacation memories.

We just might have a special gift for the photo with the most likes!

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Did you see the rainbow last night?!

Rainbow in Grand Rapids!
photo by John Balyo

One of the most beautiful rainbows I have ever seen came at sunset after a thunderstorm on September 29th, 2011. God is amazing!

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Update from Russia | August 20

Russia 2011

Our last day with kids in Russia was at Orphanage #40 for visually and otherwise impaired children. We had a great time, followed by a relaxing day seeing the sights back in St. Petersburg! Find the latest pictures HERE. As we post this, we’re just a couple of hours from our flights home to Michigan.

Download the latest podcast from Russia.

When I asked one of our interpreters, Masha, to say a few words about Your Family Friendly Morning Show, the results were humorous. Click HERE!

UPDATE: The entire team made it home safely on Sunday afternoon. Listen for a re-cap and more stories on Tuesday morning’s show!

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Update from Russia | August 18

Russia 2011

We spent Thursday with the kids from Orphanage #14. Since we saw them last year, there was a fire that sent them to a different camp about 30 minutes from our “base.” We faced a few challenges, but God worked through our team to spend time with kids who don’t get visits very often. “I think we are the only team that comes to visit them,” says Paula Hayes from Orphan Outreach, “It’s important that we keep going back!”

Click to see the latest photos! Click HERE to hear our Team sing “Jesus Loves Me” in Russian on the bus and Alyce’s update from our time at Orphanage #2.

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Update from Russia | August 16

WCSG in Russia
Photo by Kim Blount

Today we visited a camp outside of St. Petersburg with kids from all ages in Orphanages 46 and 2. Misha and his sister, Sasha, were a brother and sister we met last year. This year, they had news to share! Listen to THIS audio snapshot.

More stories and pictures to come!

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