September 18

Ep. 019: Young Body/Old Face

Welcome to the Bullpen! We kick things off with a rowdy round of “Would you rather…” questions, wrap up our latest season of “Don’t Think. Just Answer.”, and share some of the great news we found with “Tell Me Something Good”! Also…This week’s “Deep Cut” gets in the Holiday spirit! Thanks for listening!

Previous Episodes

September 4

Ep. 018: Dances with Patch Avatar

Welcome to the Bullpen! This week, we share the plot to movies we’ve never seen, but everyone else has. We also dive into another round “Don’t Think. Just Answer.” and “What the WHAT!?”, as well as another great “Deep Cut”! Thanks for listening!
August 21

Ep. 017: The SCC Episode

Welcome to the Bullpen! This week, we dive into those first Christian music experiences, we’re joined by a very special guest who not only joins us for “Don’t Think. Just Answer.” and a Q&A full of fishbowl questions, but they also have this week’s “Deep Cut”! Thanks for listening!
August 7

Ep. 016: The One with the Jnco Jeans

Welcome to the Bullpen! This week, “What the WHAT!?” returns, another round of “Don’t Think. Just Answer.”, the bullpen dreams up what Game Show they’d love to be on, and a discussion about the 90’s jean trend, Jnco Jeans. Also, it’s back to the top of the order for Deep Cut!
July 24

Ep. 015: Double QP

Welcome to the Bullpen! This week, someone from the team tries the zipper merge, find out if it went well! We dream up our ultimate drive-thru meal, take a spin through some feel good news stories with “Tell Me Something Good”, and tackle “2 Truths and a Lie”! Thanks for listening!
July 10

Ep. 014: PB&J&PB

The air conditioning went out in the Bullpen, but that didn’t stop us from whipping up another episode for you! We talk about our must have Songs of Summer, “Don’t Think. Just Answer” returns for Season 2, we head to Bullpen Court, and give some advice with “Bullpen Knows Best”! Thanks for listening!
June 26

Ep. 013: Shave, So the Back Row is You Glide

Coming off the heels of Big Ticket Festival we’ve got some great festival tips & tricks for you! Also, we can’t be the ONLY ones having a hard time figuring out the lyrics to MercyMe’s newest song, right? Tell Me Something Good is back and Tom has this week’s Deep Cut! Thanks for listening!
June 12

Ep. 012: An Alarming Amount of Puns

We’ve got a full episode this week! What the WHAT!? gets a little out of hand¬†with an alarming amount of puns and we head back to the courtroom for a fresh round of “Bullpen Court”. Plus, Amanda shares her Deep Cut! Thanks for listening!