June 12

Ep. 012: An Alarming Amount of Puns

We’ve got a full episode this week! What the WHAT!? gets a little out of hand with an alarming amount of puns and we head back to the courtroom for a fresh round of “Bullpen Court”. Plus, Amanda shares her Deep Cut! Thanks for listening!

Previous Episodes

May 29

Ep. 011: Glamorous Spelling

The Scripps National Spelling Bee is this week and so we bring a special guest to the Bullpen to test the team on the spelling of some the most commonly misspelled words. Plus…Tell me something good and a great Deep Cut! Thanks for listening!
May 15

Ep. 010: Lemonade & the Sugar Crystals

We’re two whole hands! That’s right…we’ve hit 10 episodes! We do a little catching up, one of the ladies finally gets a chance in the hot seat, and since we’re 10, we’ve got a few Top 10 lists to share! Thanks for listening!
April 17

Ep. 009: Library Play Date

We’re back! With Spring Break behind us, we’re all caught up and have another great episode for you! Another round of “Don’t Think, Just Answer”, “Tell Me Something Good”, and a new segment that has us asking, “What’s the Deal?” Enjoy!
March 27

Ep. 008: Loose That Tongue

We’ve got a Super-Sized episode for you this week! We welcome a special guest for the very first time! What the WHAT!? returns, a quick round of Bullpen Court, and we put our special guest, Kris Love, in the hot seat! Thanks for listening!
March 12

Ep. 007.5: Days of Giving

We’ve got a shortened episode for you this week as we launch into Days of Giving! BIG things coming NEXT week, but this week, we share what Days of Giving is all about! Thanks for listening!
March 2

Ep. 007: Club Creepy

This week, the crew tells you something good, another lucky member lands themselves  in the hot seat for a round of “Don’t Think. Just Answer”, and an a “Deep Cut” for all those sons and daughters! Thanks for listening!
February 16

Ep. 006: S.S. Minnow

This week, the crew heads back into the court room, one lucky member lands in the hot seat for a round of “Don’t Think. Just Answer”, and an Olympic sized “Deep Cut”! Thanks for listening!