Casting Crowns “Voice of Truth: Ultimate Hits Collection” Is HERE!


Casting Crowns are up next and with the recent new year, and start to the new decade, Mark Hall and friends reflected on the past decade and have a great way for you to celebrate the music they brought you over the past 10 years.

Casting Crowns – “Voice of Truth: Ultimate Hits Collection” brings together 16 Casting Crowns hits including; Courageous, If We Are The Body, Praise You in This Storm, and Who Am I?
They shared with fans…

“We can’t help but be grateful for the way God has used this music for His glory. We put together an album that has some of your favorite songs from past years and we are so thankful for all of your support and we pray that God continues to reach people through this music while remembering that none of us are the point, we’re just here to point people to the Point! Praying blessings in this new decade!”

You can check out the album HERE!

~Jeremy & Amanda

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