Cory Asbury is Back! Where Did He Go in 2019?


2018 was a massive year for Bethel Music’s Cory Asbury. He hit the scene with “Reckless Love” and it became a huge hit that led to so much for his music career/ministry. While some would think that success would continue into 2019, Cory had other plans. In December 2018, without much detail, he announced he was quitting social media and touring for the next year! It’s 2020 and Cory Asbury is back and has opened up about the “gap year”. Find out the story and enjoy some new music too!

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What was it like for you when your song “Reckless Love” became a Christian music sensation?
That year was wild. I found myself even in the first few months of that year reeling, in a good and bad way. It’s awesome when a blessing happens, but I was also traveling a ton. One day I had a come to Jesus moment with my wife. We asked the Father, “You’ve poured this blessing out on us, so how are you going to make a way for this to be sustainable for our family?”

At that moment my wife Anna reminded me of a conversation she had with our son Gabriel. She asked him if he had the choice to either travel the world and go on tour with dad to all the big cities and eat all the best food—or get a dog and stay home for a year—which would he choose? I was thinking about my response, that I would rather travel and see all the places and eat all the food. Anna told me that Gabriel responded so quickly and said, “Mommy that’s easy, I’d get a dog and stay home together.”

That’s when the Father asked me this question, “You wrote a song about being reckless and extravagant and throwing it all away for love—could you do that with your family? Could you throw away career, money accolades, and success? Because if you don’t, you might not have a family.”

How did it feel to make that decision?
Since I was a kid I always wanted to get the big gig and do the stuff. So many years of my life had been spent working toward this goal, and all of a sudden when I achieved it I heard the Father saying, “I never cared about this goal. I only cared about your heart.”

I felt like Abraham who prayed and prayed for a son, and when he got his son God asked Abraham to sacrifice him. I can imagine him walking up that mountain, and when I walk up the mountain God is going to say “I’ve provided something for you.”

What were the measures you took to care for your family?
After the success of “Reckless Love,” I felt like my life was unraveling and my family had been hanging on by a thread. We decided to take the whole year of 2019 off with a clear calendar. No traveling and no social media. We stayed home to be together as a family and bought a dog. We felt like that was the thing we’d always longed for was to be together.

We set boundaries around our family and cultivated healthy dialogue about my career. I only led worship at my church once a month and declined touring opportunities. I even stopped writing music for the first 6 months and waited for God to speak or reveal a significant next step.

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