Crowder’s Special Kenny Rodgers VIP Jamboree


If you’re a David Crowder fan, you’ve probably been to one of his shows. If you’ve been to one of his shows, then chances are…You know about Kenny Rodgers the Arctic Fox.

If you don’t know who Kenny Rodgers is…well…look him up on Instagram. He’s Crowder’s arctic fox friend that travels with him…lots of whimsical experiences.

Well…Crowder recently announced a pretty cool fan experience: KENNY RODGERS VIP JAMBOREE!

This spring Kenny and Crowder will be on the MercyMe Imagine Nation Tour. and you can pick up one of these VIP Jamboree packages so you can hang out with Crowder and Kenny before the show!
You’ll also enjoy some snacks, get a photos, and pick up an autographed CD. Click here to learn more!


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