Hillsong Worship Drops “What a Beautiful Name” Children’s Book


In 2018, Hillsong Worship won a Grammy Award for their song, “What A Beautiful Name.” Since then, the song has reached more than 370 million views on YouTube not to mention being sung by millions in churches across the world every week. Now, the people behind that song, Brook Ligertwood and Ben Fielding have teamed up with their respective spouses to turn it into a children’s book!

They say…
“Every single week we receive emails, social media posts, and YouTube videos of children all over the world singing this song. Some know the words perfectly, others make up their own. Regardless, their little hearts are being opened to the Gospel message, and we want to help make this message even more accessible.”

The book shares the story of a little boy named Oliver who hears his mother singing “What A Beautiful Name.” Curious to know who she’s singing about, Oliver embarks on the adventure of a lifetime alongside his monkey friend, Leo, to discover this mysterious name.

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~Jeremy & Amanda