Micah Tyler – “Different” (Official Music Video)


Micah Tyler celebrated this week that his “Maw Maw” is now Cancer Free!

So I learned this week that a on average we have 2 months of BAD DAYS every year.

For Micah Tyler, there’s certainly been a few, but even through those “bad days”, he still remains hopeful and able to celebrate some “good days”.

Micah recently shared with fans,

“Thankful for a lot of things today, but Maw Maw is at the top of my list. Maw Maw is the grandmother that I mentioned at the beginning of my video for “Different”. Well, after a 3 month battle with blood cancer, we recently found out that she is now CANCER FREE! Can’t tell you how grateful I am to see her hair growing back and for all of you that prayed for her and my family over the past few months. Jesus is SO good!”



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