March 9

Jenny Garone of the West Michigan Whitecaps – Turkey Drop

Jeremy & Amanda connect with Jenny Garone from the West Michigan Whitecaps to talk about their upcoming Turkey Drop! 6,000 free frozen turkeys will be given away at the new LMCU Ballpark for anyone in need of food!
March 8

3/8/21 – One Student Moderately to Severely Injured in Newaygo High School

Shortly after 10 this morning, a report of some type of explosion occurred at the Newaygo High School Initial reports suggested it was a firework that a student set off and filled the building with smoke and a strong odor.  Students were sent home as a result. Since then, four students were taken to an area hospital with minor injuries, one teacher also left school for the hospital and the student in question is hospitalized with what the Michigan State Police describes as “moderate to severe injuries.” Late this afternoon, police were calling it a “homemade explosive device” but would […]
March 3

3/3/21 – Holland’s annual Tulip Time festival returning this year with ‘a twist’

HOLLAND, MI –(Mlive) –  After last year’s Tulip Time festival was canceled due to COVID-19, Holland’s annual celebration of Dutch heritage is returning this spring. Organizers say the festival with “a twist” is planned for May 1-8. Traditional events like the parades, Dutch dance performances and carnival won’t be held, but there is a lineup of scaled-back events that comply with COVID-19 gathering restrictions. The Tulip Time run will take place virtually. Participants can run or walk the 5K and 10K race anywhere and at anytime during the week. The Michigan Maritime Museum will dock on Lake Macatawa near the […]
March 3

3/3/21 – Changes made to Michigan COVID-19 restrictions

(Mlive) – Gov. Gretchen Whitmer on Tuesday announced sweeping changes to the state’s COVID-19 restrictions, including increasing capacity limits at establishments like restaurants and allowing visitation at nursing homes statewide. Michigan Department of Health and Human Services Director Elizabeth Hertel signed the changes into place, and said she did so after consulting the state’s latest numbers. “We have seen some of our key metrics continue to decline,” Hertel said at a press conference announcing the changes Tuesday. Three metrics the state is citing are: a declining use of hospital capacity for COVID-19 patients; a plateau in case rates at 91.2 […]
March 1

3/1/21 – Jamarian Lawhorn is Free Six Years After Death of Conner Verkerke

He’s received support from probation officers and even the grandmother of the young man whose life he took.  19-year-old Jamarian Lawhorn walked away from a youth detention center in Evert after serving a six year sentence.  Lawhorn stabbed Conner Verkerke in Kentwood to end what he called a miserable existence.  Lawhorn will be required to remain on probation, attend counseling, and get a job.  Court appointed counselors, probation officers, and a support system have all vouched for the transformation in Lawhorn’s life after being sentenced for Verkerke’s death in 2014. Verkerke’s grandmother Toni Nunemaker drew national attention when she stated that […]
March 1

3/1/21 – Annual Butterflies are Blooming Exhibit Opens Today

An annual tradition that normally brings in hundreds of thousands of visitors will open today. The Frederick  Meijer Gardens will host the Butterflies are Blooming exhibition with over seven thousand butterflies from 60 different species. Laurel Gault is a horticulturist with the gardens and handles the butterflies from their delivery up and thought the exhibition. Gault says the species range from Asia to South America and deliver a world of color and excitement to the exhibition. Among the most popular butterflies are the ‘common morpho’, known for their stunning bright blue and black color.  They are usually found in Mexico, […]
February 26

2/26/21 – Evangelist Luis Palau Enters Hospice Care

Evangelist Luis Palau, known for international crusades to share the gospel, has entered hospice care. Palau, who is 86 years old, was hospitalized earlier this year with several health issues but was released. The family released a statement this afternoon. You may have heard that Luis is not doing so well. We thought it would be good to send you an update so you know how to pray. As you know, Dad has been fighting lung cancer for more than three years. For most of that time he has felt great. It has been a blessing. Sadly, at the beginning […]
February 24

2/24/21 – Governor Whitmer Has Busy Day Promoting Budget Plans

Governor Gretchen Whitmer has been to Washington DC, Lansing and Grand Rapids within the last few hours. All of those meetings have not been in person but they demonstrate the effort Whitmer is putting in to try and promote the state and her budget plans. The Governor started her morning in Washington testifying as part of a panel discussing infrastructure and climate change. She then held a press conference in Lansing to discuss her administrations response to the Coronavirus.  She discussed the plan to have Michigan schools offer in-person instruction.  Close to 95 percent of Michigan schools are ready for […]
February 23

2/23/21 – More Americans Gain Weight During Pandemic – So What’s Best Way to Shed Pounds?

Nearly half of Americans say they’ve gained weight during the pandemic, according to a recent survey. If you’re one of them, you may be thinking about going on a diet. But there’s so many to choose from, how do you pick the right one? “Often times when my patients say, ‘What diet should I be on, which is the best one?’, my answer is always, the best diet for you is one you can stay on long-term,” said Kristin Kirkpatrick, RD, of Cleveland Clinic. “One that has the most sustainability and one that you’re happy on. If you’re on a […]
February 22

2/22/21 – Covid Variant now in Muskegon County

The B 1.1.7 coronavirus variant has now shown up in Muskegon County.  Health department leaders say this was not unexpected and they expect a possible increase in cases as the variant is more easily spread.  Because its fast spreading, more attention to the practices that could cut down on the spread are important, now more than ever.  Vaccinations, physical distancing, wearing masks, hand washing, isolation and quarantining are going to be necessary.  The department is also encouraging anyone who’s traveled and could have been exposed, to get a Covid-19 test.     
February 18

2/18/21 – Black History Month – Grand Rapids First African American Mayor: Lyman Parks

Former Grand Rapids Mayor Lyman Parks is remembered for not only being the first African American mayor of Grand Rapids, but also for his contribution during a difficult time in American history.    Parks was elected to the city commission in 1968 and was selected by fellow commissioners to fill the vacant Mayoral role in 1961.  He ran for the office in 1963 against 10 other candidates.  He garnered the support of a large cross section of the community to win office showing the possibility of unity during such a turbulent time for race relations.  Parks was born in 1917 […]
February 17

2/17/21 – Competing Plans Frustrating Governor

Governor Whitmer is chastising Republicans for failing to support her plan to spend federal dollars.  The Governor says it has been almost three weeks since she introduced her Covid-19 Recovery Plan.  It would allocate the five billion dollars already set aside for Michigan and inject the cash into vaccine distribution, testing, schools, and economic assistance including money for businesses and unemployment.  “This is crucial support that we need to deploy at the earliest possible moment.  Right now, we’re leaving that five billion dollars just sittin’ on the table.”  Whitmer says.  She says other states are already deploying those dollars and Michigan […]
February 15

2/15/21 – Former House Speaker Now Leader of Southwest MI Business Group

Former Michigan House Speaker Lee Chatfield will take over as CEO of a consortium of companies committed to job growth in the state.  Southwest Michigan First made the formal announcement of Chatfield as their new leader.    Chatfield has spent the last six years in office and retired due to term limits.  Before that he was the athletic director and a teacher at the Northern Christian Academy in Burt Lake.    Southwest Michigan First states on their website that they are committed to advancing business growth and development through job creation, workforce development, and capital investment.    Chairman Aaron Zeigler […]
February 12

2/12/21 – Despite Dire Predictions, More Couples Find Stronger Relationships During Pandemic

There were many predictions that quarantine was going to have a negative impact on relationships and lead to more break ups and divorces. But, a recent survey shows some couples feel it actually brought them closer together. “For many couples, it has been a polarizing experience that if they were on the rocks or having a lot of tension already, the coronavirus experience really made them stop and think about what they want and what they value. And many decided to break up the relationship,” said Susan Albers, PsyD, a psychologist with Cleveland Clinic. “But for couples who have normal […]
February 11

2/11/21 – Education Spending Get’s A Big Boost

Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s budget proposal includes possible funding for your student’s education.  Whitmer calls it the largest investment in K-12 schools.  203 million to increase base per-pupil funding.  An increase of 14.1 million to continue implementing the weighted foundation model, so students in special education, those facing poverty, students in rural and isolated districts, and English as a second language learners have the resources to succeed in the public school system.  Other additions include:  200 million will also go to help schools stabilize and mitigate the impacts of Covid-19 on their student bodies.  250 million to facilitate student academic recovery, mental […]
February 10

2/10/21 – Vaccination Efforts Hampered by Limited Supply

Metro Health St. Mary’s reports they are doling out vaccines as soon as they get them. In a race against the virus, MHSM doctors say they can get people vaccinated in multiple settings, but they can only do so much when their supply of the vaccine is limited.  Dr. Andrew Jameson, Medical Director of Infection Prevention and Control, says as of now, they have been able to administer thousands of doses.  “To date, we have received, and in hand, 22,640 Pfizer vaccines.  So that is what we’ve actually received, and we are starting to distribute. Of those received, we’ve given […]
February 9

2/9/21 – Governor Whitmer Says MI Sitting on Money

Governor Gretchen Whitmer is not holding back.  The Governor says federal dollars, approved by a bi-partisan vote, are being held up in Lansing. Whitmer says schools and health agencies need the money to help kids learn and get vaccines out to Michigan residents. “Other states are deploying these resources to support their children, to support business that are struggling, to roll out their vaccine distribution.  Michigan is sitting on them!” Whitmer is calling on the Michigan legislature to approve the funds and begin allocating them to where they’ve been directed to go. The House Appropriations Committee has already allocated billions […]
February 3

2/3/21 – BLACK HISTORY MONTH – Walking Tour of Grand Rapids History Reveals Facts and Truth 

Grand Rapids history is not that long but some aspects run deep. Native American’s lived in the Grand Rapids region long before white settlers arrived. Following their arrival, African American’s came to the region.   Whatever history we are talking about, the City of Grand Rapids has not been around that long. The city was founded in 1850 but had been a village since 1839. The first non-Native American to settle in the region was Louis Campau, who arrived in 1826.  The first known African-American to arrive in Grand Rapids worked on the east side power canal in the 1830’s.   […]
January 27

1/27/21 – FBI Searching For Important Witness

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is conducting a nation-wide search for a person who may have information on a crime against a child. The FBI will only identify her as Jane Doe 43 but says she may have critical information they would like to find.  Doe is seen in a video with a child that may be the victim of exploitation and law enforcement has been investigating this crime since it first surfaced in 2019. Doe is described as a White female, with dark hair and between the ages of 20 and 30 years.  She is heard speaking English in […]
January 25

1/25/21 – Winter Weather Means We Change Our Driving Habits

Over two-thirds of traffic crashes occur when driving conditions are snowy, icy, or slushy. AAA Michigan says it may now be time to review safe driving tips as we are expecting the potential of severe winter weather. Their Top 10 Driving Tips 1. Before starting out, remove ice and snow from the entire car, mirrors and lights so you have clear driving visibility. 2. Don’t use cruise control in precipitation and freezing temperatures. 3. Remember that four-wheel drive helps you to get going quicker, but it won’t help you stop any faster. 4. Familiarize yourself with your vehicle’s braking system. […]
January 13

1/13/21 – President Donald Trump Has Been Impeached for Second Time

President Donald Trump has become the first sitting president to be impeached two times. The historic moment came after several hours of debate by lawmakers on capitol hill, where just a week ago they were being ushered into secure locations following supporters of the President breaking into the capitol building. The President faces charges that he was “inciting violence against the Government of the United States” and interfered with the actions of congress to vote on the electoral college vote when he urged supporters to walk down to the capitol. Close to a dozen GOP members voted to adopt the […]
January 11

1/11/21 – House Introduces Resolution to Remove President

The US House session lasted less than 20 minutes this morning as a resolution to to ask Vice President Mike Pence to convene the President’s cabinet and vote to remove President Donald Trump from office. The House Clerk read the resolution which drew an immediate objection from Republicans. Article 25 states in part: Section 4. Whenever the Vice President and a majority of either the principal officers of the executive departments or of such other body as Congress may by law provide, transmit to the President pro tempore of the Senate and the Speaker of the House of Representatives their […]
January 5

1/5/20 – Police Searching for Bank Robbery Suspect

The Grand Rapids Police Department is investigating a bank robbery on the City’s Southeast side. It happened Monday, January 4, around 4:55 PM in the 1900 block of Breton Road SE. The suspect entered the bank and demanded money while implying they had a weapon. The suspect fled on foot and a K9 track was attempted, but ultimately unsuccessful. The suspect is described as a black male of unknown age. He stands about 5’8” tall and has a medium build. The suspect was wearing a black and subdued camouflage Member’s Only coat, blue jeans, red gloves, mirrored sunglasses and white […]
January 4

1/4/21 – Wyoming Cell Phone Store Robbery – Update

Wyoming police say they have new information on a mid-morning cell phone store robbery. Investigators say the suspects drove up to the Verizon Store in the 5800 block of Byron Center Road around 10:30 this morning.  They forced their way into the store and shoved an employee out of the doorway.  The four suspects, all described as African-American males, possibly teens, wearing masks over their faces entered the store and got away with an undisclosed number of phones.  No weapons were shown and the employee is said to be unharmed. They were driving away, northbound on Byron Center Road, in […]
December 29

12/29/20 – Governor Whitmer Gives Update

Lansing – Governor Gretchen Whitmer is expected to address new figures of Coronavirus in the state following the Christmas holiday. Health leaders had warned residents to avoid travel over the holiday and limit in-person gatherings to cut down on the spread of the virus. As of today, some 480-thousand cases of the virus have been diagnosed in Michigan, with over 12-thouand deaths. The Governor’s address is scheduled for 11:30am.
November 19

11/19/20 – Governor Whitmer: Staying Away is an Act of Love

As rates of Covid-19 continue to rise in Michigan, the Governor is encouraging us to think about our neighbors, family and friends. “We must do everything that we can to protect each other from this virus because this virus doesn’t care who you are.”  Governor Gretchen Whitmer says that since anyone can contract the virus, there is a need to do what we can to protect ourselves and each other. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has officially requested that people not gather for Thanksgiving this year.  In an effort to curb the spread as well as to not […]
November 18

11/18/20 – Turkey Drop for Mel Trotter An Annual Event for Ministry and Families

Mel Trotter’s annual Turkey Drop is underway and Executive Director Dennis VanKampen tells us the support from the community is exceptionally welcome this year. “You drive around the area, we’re seeing homelessness where we’ve never seen it before.  And in numbers we’ve haven’t seen before.  And that doesn’t even account for the significant increase of families in particular, that are on the verge of homelessness or not homeless yet, but they’re really close.” The donation of turkeys will help those families in the area who may need a little extra help to put some food on the table.  VanKampen says […]
November 16

11/16/20 – New Potential Invasive Species Found in MI

A new invasive species has made its way to Michigan, but the extent of the invasion is still being determined. The Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (MDARD) is asking freight carriers, warehouse workers and delivery drivers to be on the lookout for invasive spotted lanternfly after the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) confirmed dead spotted lanternfly insects were found in Michigan in recent weeks. While the specimens found were dead, these cases demonstrate one of the many ways this insect could find its way into the state. There is no evidence of established populations of spotted lanternfly […]
November 11

11/11/20 – Spectrum Health Makes Serious Changes to Deal With Virus

Higher rates of Covid-19 have prompted Spectrum Health leaders to make some changes. “As we’re having increasing demand with so much positivity, and so many people with symptoms in our community, we are prioritizing those with symptoms.  And so starting now, we will be prioritizing symptomatic patients for tests in the community and we will not be performing tests on people solely with exposure.” Dr. Darryl Elmouchi says Spectrum will also limit visitors to their facilities. Spectrum is seeing close to three hundred people hospitalized with the coronavirus. President and CEO Tina Freese Decker says the hospital system is facing […]
November 9

11/09/2020 – PFAS Study Conducted in West MI

The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) is launching the Michigan PFAS Exposure and Health Study (MiPEHS) to learn more about the relationship between PFAS (per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances) and health among residents who have been exposed to various levels of PFAS in their drinking water. The study will take place between 2020 and 2026 in Parchment and Cooper Township in Kalamazoo County and the Belmont and Rockford areas of Kent County. All eligible participants in Parchment, Cooper Township, Belmont and Rockford are scheduled to receive an enrollment packet in the mail from MDHHS by Nov. 30. If […]