Parents, Children, & the Pandemic – Monica Michael


The Pandemic is just one of the many stresses that parents and children are facing right now. So, we connected up with Monica Michael, Professional Counselor, Neurofeedback Specialist, and Adjunct Professor at Cornerstone University, to talk about tips and ideas to help WCSG families in this time.

More information about Monica Michael:
* Licensed Professional Counselor and Neurofeedback Specialist
* Adjunct Professor of Psychology at Cornerstone University
* BA in Elementary Education
* MA in Counseling
* More than 25 years of homeschooling experience
* Education Coordinator for a local chapter of BNI, an International business referral organization.

Monica is also available to present Zoom webinars and in-person, socially distanced seminars for Civic, Church, and Business groups.

Seminar Topics
* The Psychological Experience of Grace
* Fully Known and Fully Loved
* How to Enjoy Your Teenager Again
* 10 Do’s and Don’ts of Homeschooling Through COVID
* Practicing Self-Hospitality


~Jeremy & Amanda