Praying for Bowen Hammitt


In 2010, former Sanctus Real lead singer, Matt Hammitt and his wife began a heartbreaking journey as their son Bowen was born with a life-threatening heart disease. He went through 2 heart surgeries and has been living life well, but today…July 31st…he’s in Michigan for a 3rd heart surgery, and while the family is requesting prayer, Bowen also has something special to share with YOU!

Today is a significant day for Matt Hammitt and his family, and we can’t put it into better words than what Matt (dad) shared…

Bowen has been strumming, striking or singing into anything that resembles a guitar, drums or a microphone since he was a toddler. There were times we wondered if it was a phase, but he never once lost his passion for music. Six months ago when we found out his surgery would be this summer, we made the decision to pursue Bowen’s dream of recording and releasing his music. We had no idea what a beautiful adventure it would be for him, and for us.

Many of you know that we’ve called this project Bowen’s “music wish.” Granting this wish has become one of the greatest honors of our lives as his parents, as we have pursued it by his side. On top this project being a dream come true for Bowen, it has given our family something positive and powerful to invest in during a difficult time. During a season when it would easier to drift inward toward sadness, it has helped us look outward and upward with hope.

In April of 2010, when doctors discovered Bowen’s life-threatening heart defect, we made the decision that we would embrace the story that God was writing. That we would do everything in our power to live it well, and to help Bowen do the same.

As Bowen faces his third open heart surgery this Wednesday, July 31, again we place his heart in God’s hands. With hope we will believe for a good outcome, while knowing that the outcome is beyond our control.

Pray with us, for our sweet boy.


You are wonderfully made. Your soul is kind, your heart is brave and we thank God every day for granting us the task of fighting with you and for you. We love you sweet boy.

Mom and Dad

Thank you for praying for Bowen and his family in this time.

Below is the music video for “Safe Right Here” and if you’d like to learn more or give to the Hammitt family in this time, visit

In case you missed it on the air this morning, we had a chance to connect with Matt Hammitt to talk about Bowen, pray, and share “Safe Right Here” on the air.

~Jeremy & Amanda