Project 2020

For 46 years, WCSG has touched hundreds of thousands of lives by broadcasting the hope found in Jesus Christ.  For us to reach even more listeners, we need you to help us grow and further our impact, and to do that, we need major facility/studio improvements.  WCSG has acquired a modest building just a quarter mile from our present studios. The renovation of this building will give us more space while lowering our utility costs and greatly improving our efficiency.  It will also allow us to add staff that can start to cultivate more relationships and opportunities throughout our listening area.

For the first time in our 46 year history, we're asking you to join us in completing this project.  More than 80% of the construction cost has already been committed through private donors, foundations and partnering businesses.  Thank you for helping us finish the work.  Thank you for your generous gift to help us tell God's story through your story.  It takes a team -- you, and 91.3 WCSG!

"I listen to you every minute I can. I love your radio station!!"

Joyce from Wyoming

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