Ryan Stevenson – “No Matter What” (Official Music Video)


Ryan Stevenson really made a connection with “Eye of the Storm” and has been doing it again with his latest hit “No Matter What”!

“No Matter What” is a great song inspired from a vulnerable place. Here’s what Ryan Stevenson says about the song:

“Over the course of the last several years, I’ve continued to ask the Lord to give me songs that exist for a reason. As we were working on this new record, a reoccurring theme I felt the Lord continually whisper to my heart was ‘beloved identity.’ I, like many of us, grew up in the church- a religious environment, where we weren’t necessarily nurtured and taught about God’s grace, patience and compassion. As I continue to grow and experience life, the truth I continue to encounter is ‘I am His son, no matter what.'”

Here’s the official music video for Ryan Stevenson‘s “No Matter What”.


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