October 6

“Grandpa Ron” is Still Serving His Troops, Even if They’re 75 Years Younger Than Him

After logging over 900 volunteer hours for the ’19-’20 school year, “Grandpa Ron” was severely missed by the elementary school students that he left behind after COVID closed schools. The students missed his love and kindness SO much that the school shared his contact information and soon “Grandpa Ron” was overwhelmed by their response as well as the honor he received from the VFW.
September 29

“He is brilliant, but maybe not in the way most people measure.”

This is an amazing encounter between a teacher and the school custodian that you won’t forget! It’s a great reminder not to judge a book by it’s cover and that it takes more than a college degree to measure brilliance!
September 25

California Woodworker Builds Viral Desk for Students Studying Virtually

In the current COVID life we’re living in, education is all over the place. Some kids are back in the classroom while others are studying virtually from home. For those at home, finding a dedicated studying space can be tricky. Mitch Couch, a woodworker in California, is going viral for coming up with a simple and cheap desk plan and is sharing it not only with his community, but everyone!
September 10

Hormel is Giving ALL of their Employees 2 Years of FREE College!

What started out as a small program in the town where the Hormel headquarters are located, has now turned into a nation-wide program for all 16,000 employees and their families! The goal is to create equality when it comes to getting an education, because Hormel understands the ripple effect that can have on a family and community!