Team Up to Win

Team Up to Win!

You and 3 friends can create a team and register at this link!
Your team captain’s name will be your team’s name you are listening for. Listen everyday from September 9 – October 11, every hour between 6am-7pm, for your Team Captain’s name to qualify for the $2000 Grand Prize – that’s $500 for each team member! When you hear your Team Captain’s name, make sure someone from your team calls back within ten minutes to qualify. With all your team members listening, this means you have 4 times more chances to instantly qualify!

The winning team’s name for the Grand Prize will be announced on October 11 at 7:40am. A member of the winning team must call back within 10 minutes to claim the grand prize!



*You may only be a team captain of one team.

Official rules for Team Up to Win here.