In Case You Missed It:

August 4

Jeremy & Amanda Chat with We The Kingdom

We the Kingdom is a (mostly) family band that’s new to WCSG and most familiar because of their song “Holy Water”. Scott, Martin, Andrew, and Franny joined Jeremy & Amanda to chat about family life, music, and more!
July 27

Amazon Boxes are Changing for the Summer!

Coronavirus/COVID had many of us order a few more items online than we normally would and Amazon is trying to help curb the number of boxes making an impact on the environment in a pretty creative way! A special QR code on each box will provide you (and your kids especially) with a creative way to re-purpose the box. Perhaps as a mini-golf windmill, cat condo, or even a robot suit! Which one would you pick?
July 25

Customers at one Gulfport Restaurant Kept Paying it Forward!

You’ve heard stories and maybe have even experienced a “Pay it Forward” situation yourself, but this “Pay it Forward” story out of Gulfport, Mississippi is making headlines after 79 customers kept paying it forward for more than 2 hours! Tell me something good indeed!
July 20

Let’s Go on a Treasure Hunt!

A Detroit Family-Owned Jewelry store is making the most out of a bad situation. Coronavirus has brought them to the hard truth of having to shut down their business, but they’re going out with a bang with a series of Treasure Hunts right here in Michigan! Check out the details and go on an adventure!
July 9

These Two 10-Year Old Boys Helped Their Local Food Pantry with…Dog Treats!

Two 10-year old boys from Massachusetts recognized a need in their community and decided to step up and do something about it! They recognized that their local food pantry needed help feeding the hungry and they got to work making dog treats! But! The dog treats weren’t for the food pantry…just wait until you read the whole story!
July 8

This Bus Driver Was Inspired by the Students He Drives to Change His Life

We try to inspire and encourage our children all the time, but it’s not every day that the children in our lives inspire us! That happened to be the case for Clayton Ward, who was inspired by the students he drives to school to go BACK to College and pursue a degree in education to become a History teacher! He recently earned his Associate’s Degree with flying colors!
July 7

Hearts, Stars, Horseshoes, Clovers and Blue Moons, Unicorns, Rainbows, and even Red Balloons!

It was a marriage no one saw coming, but suffice to say, most of us aren’t disappointed by it! It’s “Chocolate Day”, so this announcement is fitting…Swiss Miss and Lucky Charms are teaming together for “Magically Delicious Hot Cocoa” which is basically Swiss Miss hot chocolate with Lucky Charms marshmallows.
July 6

We Know You Love WCSG, Buuuuut…Radio Recliner Has All The Feels

We know that you love WCSG and support it with your prayers, participation, and financial support, but we ran across Radio Recliner and it could be the best thing to come out of the Coronavirus Pandemic! In an effort to help residents of senior communities across the country connect with family in a safe way, Radio Recliner was born and is the first (and only) retiree-run radio station with over 30 resident DJ’s spinning their favorite hits and sharing their amazing stories!
June 29

The Founder of Texas Roadhouse Gave Up His Annual Income for a Great Cause

The impact that Coronavirus has had on families across the globe is staggering. Whether it’s losing a loved one and having to cover funeral costs or a loss of job, funds can be hard to come back. Kent Taylor, founder of Texas Roadhouse realized this and gave up his annual income and bonus to his 70,000 employees!
June 29

We Were Today Years Old When We Realized that Space Has a Smell

Never thought about it before, but apparently…Space has a smell! The folks at NASA carefully crafted the scent to help astronauts prepare for the smell before heading to space, and now one man has figured out the recipe and wants to manufacture it so EVERYONE can smell like space and help give back to STEM programs for kids K-12.
June 29

These Parents Stopped Joking About it and Launched a Common Sense Camp for their Kids

What started out as a joke over 10 years ago, turned into a reality when the Coronavirus hit which canceled camps and provided LOTS of extra at home time…Common Sense Camp! These parents put together an 8-week course to teach their children some of the most common sense things like banking, kitchen confidence, and more!
June 26

What’d YOU Do With Your Stimulus Check? This Woman Made Lasagna for Her Community!

Coronavirus disrupted many things over the past several months including jobs. In the difficulty of that loss, many turned to food for comfort and this woman from Washington state took her $1,200 stimulus check to provide homemade comfort food for her community that has resulted in almost 1,300 pans of lasagna server to first responders, single parents, and many more!
June 25

Lynnell Bok, Calvary Church Care Facilitator – First Aid Drive Interview

Lynnell Bok is the Care Facilitator at Calvary Church in Grand Rapids and she stopped by to chat with Jeremy & Amanda about their food pantry being the recipient of some items from the WCSG Community Connections First-Aid Drive!
June 25

Jordan Feliz – Worship on the Waterfront Interview

WCSG is excited to partner with Worship on the Waterfront this summer! While things look a little bit different thanks to the Coronavirus, the show goes on with Live Stream performances, so Jeremy & Amanda connected with Jordan Feliz to talk about the show, family life, music, and more!
June 24

Kellogg’s Just Unveiled Something We Didn’t Know Was a Thing

According to the folks at Kellogg’s, “almost half of cereal lovers mix cereals together”!? We are completely blown away by this, but it’s apparently SO BIG, they they decided the world needed a new cereal that they’re calling “Mashups” which features Frosted Flakes AND Froot Loops mixed together in one box! Do you mix your cereal? Why Tony the Tiger and Tucan Sam? What’s the best cereal combo? SO many questions!
June 23

This Teacher Went Above and Beyond for a Student that Graduated Alone

Graduation is a time of celebration with friends and family and for one student in Alabama, the graduation ceremony was a lonely one when no one showed up for him. As the ceremony wound down, one teacher, Dominique Moore, noticed the student and offered him a ride home. That ride home turned into lunch which led to conversation and an opportunity for the teacher to do some good!
June 22

One Letter from This 11 year-old Has Brought Joy and Encouragement to Hundreds!

11 year-old Emerson is really gifted at writing letters and decorating envelopes to share with her friends since she doesn’t have a phone to communicate with them. Needless to say, she’s very grateful for her mail carrier Doug, so she wrote him a letter and you won’t believe what happened after that!
June 19

Celebrating Juneteenth

Many of us never learned it in school, but it’s risen to the surface significantly over the past few weeks…the holiday, Juneteenth. It is considered by many to be America’s 2nd Independence Day, but…what is it? We have some resources to share with you so you can educate yourself and your family about Juneteenth and recognize this extremely important holiday!
June 19

NFL Stars’ Kids Love Their Everyday Dads!

Happy Father’s Day weekend! Want to share this encouraging video of NFL Stars’ kids talking about their dads! We’re not crying, you’re crying.
June 19

The Father’s Day Video That Will Melt Your Heart!

Happy Father’s Day weekend! These fathers and the children were placed in a room together and this was the result.