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October 30

Family-Friendly Weekend Activities

Candy, Costumes, Time Change, and a lot more is going on this weekend! Our friend Maranda has put together a great guide of family fun activities for you and your family to enjoy this weekend! Check it out! Anyone going to dress up as your Family-Friendly Morning Show? 😉
October 29

Time to “Fall Back”…Here’s Your “To Do” List!

Regardless if you’re looking forward to it or not, this weekend we set all of our clocks back one hour! This time of the year is a great reminder to replace batteries in our smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, but here’s a handy guide of some other things you should take care of, that you might not have thought of!
October 12

Emergency Preparedness –

Whether it’s a nasty summer storm or a blustery winter polar vortex, one thing we can do is prepare. Big thanks to Kathy who reached out to us this morning as we talk about “planning” to let us know about a great resource which over helpful tips and tricks to help you and your family plan and prepare for emergencies and more!
October 8

Theaters are REOPENING in Michigan!

Movie theaters are finally reopening in Michigan after closing down in March due to COVID. Obviously things are going to look a little different, so we connected up with Emily Loeks from Celebration Cinema to talk about what changes you can expect and what movies are available on the big screen!
October 8

Fishing for Love, Harris Found Himself a Keeper!

Losing a mate is never an easy thing, and the animal kingdom goes through it too. For a species that generally mates for life, when Harris the otter lost his partner Apricot, he was beside himself. So, his zoo put together a dating profile and found him his next love, Pumpkin! Talk about a second chance at love!
October 8

Tired of the Election? Send in Your Absentee Ballot and Go Live Under a Rock!

If the election, Coronavirus, and life in general is bringing you to a place where you just want to go live under a rock, has a man-made cave in New Mexico that you can book for $5 a night! It looks amazing too!
October 7

Georgia Pastor Went Above and Beyond for His Waffle House Waitress

What started out as a meal of comfort food from Waffle House, turned into one Georgia pastor going above and beyond to give back to the kind waitress that brought him his all-star breakfast!
October 6

“Grandpa Ron” is Still Serving His Troops, Even if They’re 75 Years Younger Than Him

After logging over 900 volunteer hours for the ’19-’20 school year, “Grandpa Ron” was severely missed by the elementary school students that he left behind after COVID closed schools. The students missed his love and kindness SO much that the school shared his contact information and soon “Grandpa Ron” was overwhelmed by their response as well as the honor he received from the VFW.
October 5

30 Years Ago His Doctor Told Him to Start Walking, He Just Walked Around the Earth

30 years ago, Brad Hathaway’s doctor told him that he needed to get out and walk to address some of the health issues he had at the time. He’s walked 3 miles a day ever since and recently just hit 24,901 miles, or the equivalent of the circumference of the Earth (around the equator). Oh…and he did it at 88 years old!
October 2

Winter is Coming…Start Forming Your Bubble NOW!

When COVID his the United States we had to form “bubbles” of people that were safe and healthy if we wanted to spend time with people during quarantine. Well, winter is coming and experts are encouraging us to start forming our “bubbles” now, so that we have people to safely spend time with.
October 2

Probably the Sweetest Wedding Ever!

It could very well be the sweetest wedding to ever take place when Bride Jessica Russell and her husband, Rich Stover got married! The Russell-Stover candy company caught wind of the Russell-Stover wedding and decided to help the bride and groom have one chocolaty wedding complete with themed socks, bow ties, favors, and even a specially designed cake!
October 1

So Much Chocolate and Orange!

If you grew up like us, on Christmas morning you’d wake up to a stocking filled with undies, socks, and an orange. For some of us, it was that delicious CHOCOLATE orange. Well, the love of that famous candy has hit a resort in France where you can now stay in a Chocolate Orange Themed suite! Check it out!
October 1

It’s Truly a Holy Dolly Christmas this Year!

You can hear Dolly Parton on WCSG as she teams up with Zach Williams, but this holiday season get ready for even MORE Dolly! Not only is she releasing a new Christmas album, but she’s also teaming up with Williams Sonoma on a Christmas line of products, and now…A holiday MUSICAL special on Netflix called, “Christmas on the Square”! A “Holly Dolly Christmas” indeed!
September 30

Parents, Children, & the Pandemic – Monica Michael

The Pandemic is just one of the many stresses that parents and children are facing right now. So, we connected up with Monica Michael, Professional Counselor, Neurofeedback Specialist, and Adjunct Professor at Cornerstone University, to talk about tips and ideas to help WCSG families in this time.
September 29

“He is brilliant, but maybe not in the way most people measure.”

This is an amazing encounter between a teacher and the school custodian that you won’t forget! It’s a great reminder not to judge a book by it’s cover and that it takes more than a college degree to measure brilliance!
September 29

This Boss Retired and Did one of the Most Generous Things for all of his 10,500 Employees

When someone retires, usually there’s a celebration! Cake, balloons, etc. When this boss retired from a company he own for the last 29 years, he celebrated his employees in a VERY generous way!
September 29

Snackchat – Mountain Dew Hot Sauce

Welcome to “Snackchat”! Every day there seems to be some NEW food item to tempt our taste buds, and as a couple of food connoisseurs, we want to talk about the good, the bad, and the curious! This one? Mountain Dew Hot Sauce!
September 29

Add a Little Country to Your Christmas this Year!

On WCSG, Dolly Parton teams up with Zach Williams, well for Christmas this year, Dolly will be teaming up with another “Williams”…Williams Sonoma to launch everything you need to bake this Christmas season! Aprons, oven mitts, cookie and baking kits, and so much more!
September 29

This Village Lost Internet at 7am Everyday…But Why?

The internet is a really important commodity with virtual learning and working from home, so when one village in Wales kept losing it’s internet at 7am every morning, it was a big deal! It took them 18 months to figure out the issue, so it started well before COVID was a thing, but after replacing routers and cables, the root cause was something far more simple.
September 29

The Salvation Army Needs Your Help!

Since March, The Salvation Army has provided 1.5 million nights of safe shelter, emotional and spiritual support to more than 800,000 people, and more than 100 million meals! Normally, they provide about 23 million meals a year, so the need this year is FAR greater than it’s ever been which is why the Salvation Army is launching it’s annual holiday campaign early this year. They’re also partnering with Lauren Daigle to use her song, “Rescue” as this year’s anthem!