In Case You Missed It:

February 22

This Story is OUT OF THIS WORLD!

The layers to this “Tell Me Something Good” story are simply nothing short of amazing and fascinating, all at the same time! The story starts with a 10 year old girl facing a cancer diagnosis and ends with the first civilian-crewed space launch! We can’t wait to watch more of this story unfold in the months ahead!
February 10

Mornings+ (Ep. 001) Having FUN with Annie F. Downs

Jeremy & Amanda connect up with podcaster, speaker, and author Annie F. Downs! Annie just launched a new book, “That Sounds Fun” based off her hit podcast by the same name. We talk about the podcast, book, the pandemic, boiled peanuts, and of course how to find fun in your life! Thanks for listening!
January 20

Inauguration Fun Facts!

George Washington had to borrow money to travel to his first inauguration and John Quincy Adams was the first President-Elect to wear pants to his inauguration. These are just a few of the fun facts we found this morning!
January 20

A Prayer for Our Nation

On this Inauguration Day, we stumbled across this prayer for our Nation and thought it was fitting for today. Thanks for praying with us.
January 20

A “Soldier” for the Constitution and Music Education

This National Guardsman isn’t only protecting the Capitol, he’s also continuing to teach his music students back in Virginia through Zoom on the armory floor.
January 20

Billy Graham’s Prayer at Richard Nixon’s Inauguration is Still Relevant Today

Still applicable for today, here’s the Rev. Billy Graham delivering the prayer at the Inauguration of Richard Nixon in 1969.
January 19

Here’s Something to Look For at the Inauguration

If you have a chance to catch the Inauguration for President-Elect Joe Biden, here’s something to look out for…the 127 year-old family Bible! The history that this one Bible has seen is pretty interesting!
January 19

Pastor Gets His Bike Stolen and Turn it Into Something Amazing for His Community

If there was ever an example of taking lemons and making lemonade, this is it! This Pastor had his bike stolen in September and used the past several months to turn that frustration into an opportunity to help give back to his community!
January 15

Jenny Garone of the West Michigan Whitecaps – Step Up to the Plate Event

Jenny Garone of the West Michigan Whitecaps stopped by to talk about their upcoming fundraising “Step Up to the Plate” event that raises money for the YMCA Ted Rasberry Youth League which provides children with the experience and equipment needed to play baseball!
January 15

Emily Loeks – Celebration Cinema – MLK Events

Emily Lokes of Celebration Cinema connected with your Family-Friendly Morning Show about the latest movies to hit the big screen including a couple of films just in time for MLK Day that will also be the focus of a panel discussion!
December 23

WCSG’s Kevin Richards Reads Luke 2 – The Christmas Story

We know that a tradition for many families is to gather together and read Luke chapter 2, the Christmas story. We had WCSG’s Kevin Richards read it for you this year. Merry Christmas!
December 17

Christmas – Advent: Hope Love Joy Peace

The reason for the season is the birth of Jesus. In preparation for Christmas, here’s a series of (4) videos that take you through the different Advent milestones; Hope, Love, Joy, and Peace.
December 17

Christmas – Spoken Words (Motion Worship)

As we celebrate the reason for the season, here’s a great spoken word piece that describes the purpose of why Jesus came to Earth. We hope this helps remind you of the salvation, hope, and eternal life that baby born in a manger brought.
December 17

Christmas – He Came (Stevie Swift)

As we celebrate the reason for the season, here’s a great video that reminds us that the first Christmas wasn’t pretty and that the real magic of Christmas comes from the fact that, He came.
December 17

Christmas – Christmas Peace (Nick Snyder)

As we celebrate the reason for the season, here’s a great video about the peace we can find in the birth of Jesus that we thought would bring some hope into your holidays.
December 17

Christmas – Let the Record Reflect Light (Shawndra Lucas)

As we celebrate the reason for the season, here’s a great poem about Jesus that we thought would bring you some light into your holidays.
December 17

Tell Me Something Good – Cole Haar & Eddie Aldrete

This Tell Me Something Good has all the feels when one mom’s trip to Starbucks leads to the request of the barista to encourage her 9-year-old son in his cancer battle that ultimately turns into a deeper friendship full of kindness, care, and compassion.
December 7

Tell Me Something Good – Jason Erdreich

This Tell Me Something Good has good on top of good! Middle school shop teacher, Jason Erdreich, took it upon himself to install 15 3D printers inside his home so he could produce PPE shields for essential workers! Crafting 12,000+ PPE, auto-maker Mazda caught wind of it and decided to surprise Jason with some recognition in the form of a brand new car!
December 7

It’s a Win-Win with Meijer and Local Restaurants!

THIS is the kind of news that’s exciting to report. Meijer stores are preparing meals for their employees during the weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas, but it’s NOT Meijer food…It’s food from local restaurants in the communities where a respective Meijer is located! Meijer takes care of it’s employees AND the local restaurant is able to bring in some income while restrictions are in place!
December 2

Interview – Breighanna & Jessica of Hark Up!

Breighanna Minnema and Jessica Trenshaw of Hark Up! stopped by the WCSG Studios to share the details behind this year’s program and how the pandemic has made an impact in how you can see the show!