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January 24

Tell Me Something Good – These Middle School Boys Just Showed Us ALL Up!

If you were a waiter or waitress and saw a group of hungry middle school boys with no parents sit down for wings and pop, you might want to toss their food at them and run away, but in today’s “Tell Me Something Good”, this waitress had one of the best experiences of her life!
January 24

How Would YOU Like a Bedside Water Faucet in YOUR Home?

Designed to help you avoid stumbling into the kitchen for that midnight drink of water or tipping over your glass on the nightstand, one HGTV host has installed a water faucet next to her bed! What do you think? Brilliant or Crazy?
January 24

Meijer is Trying to Cut Down on the Amount of Food Waste AND it’s Going to Save YOU Money!

We grew up in households where you don’t throw away food, and we have passed this mentality on to our respective families and now it looks like Meijer wants to do the same thing! PLUS! It’s going to SAVE you money!
January 24

Time To Upgrade Pizza Night Tonight!

As the internet continues to react to pineapple pizza, another part of the internet wants to add fuel to the fire and convince people to put kiwi on top of their pizza! Check it out and see what you think!
January 21

They Say Everything is Bigger in Texas…Look at the Size of This Snickers Bar!

It weighs in at close to 5,000 pounds, is two feet tall and just over 2 feet wide and is the size of over 14,000 regular size Snickers…it’s the Worlds LARGEST Snickers EVER! It was created for the upcoming Snickers Super Bowl Commercial, and sounds mighty tasty!
January 20

You Didn’t Know It, But You Were Part of the World’s Largest Sandwich!

Everyone, literally everyone, was a part of something special recently! A 19 year old New Zealand student came up with the idea to turn the Earth into a sandwich with the help of someone in Spain. Crazy!
January 20

Sweethearts Are Making a Return This Valentine’s Day, But With a Few Changes

Those “Sweethearts” we enjoyed as kids, disappeared from store shelves back in 2018, however, thanks to the makers of Dum-Dum Lollipops, they’re coming back in 2020! However…there’s a few slight changes for this year.
January 20

The 3rd Monday of January is Known as “Blue Monday”. Beat the Blues With These Helpful Tips!

The 3rd Monday in January is known at “Blue Monday” because the excitement of the holidays have worn off and we start to receive credit card bills from our holiday purchases, not to mention the grey of winter. Well, check out these tips to beat those blues!
January 17

“Hygge” Might Just Be Your New Weekend Plans!

Ever heard of “Hygge”? It’s pronounced “hoo-guh” and it might just be your new weekend plans through the rest of the winter!
January 16

Need a Little Extra Motivation for Your Resolutions? Check Out These Movies!

How are those New Year’s Resolutions going? Need a little extra incentive to keep putting one foot in front of the other? Turns out these movies might help!
January 16

Watch Out! Turns Out the Break Room Might Carry More Germs Than the Bathroom!

Turns out those water reservoirs in your coffee maker can grow mold and yeast and are helping to make the work breakroom dirtier than the bathroom!
January 16

Take a Vacation and Swim with the Otters!

There’s plenty of animals you can swim with on vacation; sea turtles, dolphins, etc. but now you can add otters to the list thanks to this Louisiana animal preserve.
January 15

The “OG” is Coming to Hawaii!

Olive Gardens are a dime a dozen in the lower 48, which is why it’s big news for those living and visiting Honolulu, Hawaii, because construction just began on their FIRST “OG”. Pineapple Pasta anyone?
January 15

Time to MOOoooVE! These Cows Wear Fit-Bit Like Tech, but Why?

With dairy farms raising so many cows, it can be hard to track their health, so farmers have starting using “fit-bit” like technology to help out!
January 15

You Could Get Money Back if You Recently Purchased “Infant Tylenol”

One would think that if you pay more for one type of Tylenol than another, that there’s some sort of difference between the two. That SHOULD be the case, and it wasn’t, so now you can collect your part of a $6.3 Million dollar suit!
January 15

“Goodnight Moon” Was Excluded from this Top 10 List, and Possibly Because of ONE Librarian!

The New York Public Library is celebrating 125 years and revealed the Top 10 Books checked out from the library. More than half were kids, but they excluded this one MAJOR kids book, and it turns out there’s a reason!
January 15

Men Spend 7 Hours a Year Hiding in the Bathroom!?

Sometimes as a parent you need an escape. Most parents have some idea what to do when they need that escape. Well it also turns out that a third of men hide out in the bathroom when they need to hide away!
January 15

This Guy Got Locked Inside a “24 Hour” Gym!

When a gym lists itself as a 24 hour gym, one would think that means a full 24 hours, but one man found out the hard way, that some times, the staff leaves and locks you in the building!
January 14

A New Trailer for Jeremy Camp’s Biopic “I Still Believe” Just Dropped! 2 Months Away!

2 years ago we took in the story of MercyMe’s Bart Millard with the cinematic release of “I Can Only Imagine”. This year, and really…in like 2 months, Jeremy Camp’s bio-pic, “I Still Believe” hits theaters! A new trailer just dropped and it looks amazing!
January 14

Could Your Bedroom Be Keeping You Awake At Night?

If you have trouble sleeping at night, the problem may not solely rest in the traditional issues you head about, but instead, may have something to do with the way you have your bedroom set up!