In Case You Missed It:

September 17

American Girl Launches a Girl from the 80s! Welcome Courtney!

It’s always exciting to see what new “girl” launches from American Girl, we just didn’t know that this year, we’d get one that is straight out of our own childhood! Welcome Courtney Moore! She’s a video game lover who also loves to shop, dream of space, and lives with her blended family. The best thing about this launch is that between now and the end of the year, American Girl is matching customer donations to support “Girls Who Code” which is a STEM outreach for girls!
September 17

Now THIS is a Food Mashup We Can Get Behind! Great Job Panera!

Food mashups can go one of two ways…either a massive success, or a giant disaster! After testing the waters in grocery stores, Panera has decided to launch a food mashup and has us eager to get our hoodies on for and soak up fall weather; Broccoli Cheddar Mac & Cheese! It’s a blend of two of Panera Bread’s finest menu items and we can’t wait to order it in a bread bowl!
September 17

Chuck E. Cheese Needs to Get Rid of 7 Billion Tickets So You Can’t Have Them

Chuck E. Cheese, or as we learned, the more official name, Charles Entertainment Cheese is making another adjustment due to COVID. First it was selling their beloved pizza under a pseudonym, but now, they are petitioning to destroy 7 billion, or 65, 40-foot cargo containers full of tickets! You know the ones you get from playing Skee-Ball!? They purchased them before COVID and are now switching to “Chuck E-Tickets”!
September 16

Snackchat – Reeses’ White Elephant and MORE!

Welcome to “Snackchat”! Every day there seems to be some NEW food item to tempt our taste buds, and as a couple of food connoisseurs, we want to talk about the good, the bad, and the curious! This one? Reeses’ White Elephant and MORE!
September 15

This 11 year-old Turned a Lemonade Standing into Thousands of Diapers!

Lemonade stands are a typical part of the summer for kids, but this year they seemed to mean even more as kids worked to find things to do. For one 11 year-old in Virginia, a lemonade stand has been his way to give back thousands of diapers and wipes to struggling families in his very own community!
September 15

Snackchat – Reeses’ Big Cup w. Potato Chips

Welcome to “Snackchat”! Every day there seems to be some NEW food item to tempt our taste buds, and as a couple of food connoisseurs, we want to talk about the good, the bad, and the curious! This one? Reeses’ Big Cup w. Potato Chips!
September 15

Pepsi Wants to Help You Sleep Better

Many of us are struggling to sleep thanks to added stress from the pandemic, but Pepsi of all companies, wants to help you with a brand new drink called “Driftwell”! Combining flavors of blackberry and lavender with a heavy does of¬†magnesium, the 7.5 oz. drink is designed to help you relax so you can sleep better.
September 14

Rent the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile for your Next Event!

Coming out of left field…this story! While many of us are aware of the traveling hot dog on wheels; aka The Oscar Meyer Weinermobile, many of us were UNaware that you could rent it for your engagement, grad party, etc.! Amanda put in an application for her son’s grad party next May…we’ll keep you posted!
September 14

A Casket fit for a Fan

A World War II vet fell in love with Wrigley’s Juicy Fruit during the war, when he returned home, he took every opportunity to share it with those around him by handing it out! Now, as he prepares for his end of life plans, he worked with his friend (a funeral director) to secure a Juicy Fruit themed casket for his burial!
September 14

Best Way to Bake Your Bacon

One thing we can ALL agree on, is that bacon is delicious! You’d be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t enjoy it! It’s great for breakfasts or in a BLT for lunch or wrapped around some asparagus for dinner! BUT…what’s the BEST way to cook it? Someone did a little research and this is what they found!
September 14

The Pandemic has Put a Pause on Peep Production!

Whether you like them or not, this might still through you for a loop! Due to the Coronavirus, the “peeple” behind the beloved Easter candy, Peeps, had to scale back production. Because of that, they threw their focus behind keeping up with Easter 2021 demand, meaning you won’t find peeps this Halloween, Christmas, or Valentine’s Day!
September 14

An AirBnB for the Freshest of Princes (and Princesses)

If you grew up in the 90’s you know how to finish this statement…”In West Philadelphia, born and raised…” Of course, that’s from the theme song to the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air featuring Will Smith. Well, the rapper and movie star, can now add “AirBnB” host to the list of things he does, because for 5 days this October, you can stay in the mansion from the iconic TV show!
September 14

Pumpkin Pie Frap is the Starbucks Secret Menu Item You Need to Hit Peak Fall

Pumpkin Spice returned early to bring a little warmth to 2020 which has certainly dealt us all quite a hand this year. Well, if the traditional PSL life isn’t cutting it anymore, someone created a possible new fall favorite in the form of a Starbucks secret menu item…it’s called the Pumpkin Pie Frap!
September 10

The 12 Toys that COULD Join the National Toy Hall of Fame

Toys in the National Toy Hall of Fame have to have influenced how people play, lasted generations, reached icon-status, and have fostered learning, creativity, or discovery through play and right now 12 toys are up for the top honors, with only THREE making it to the museum. Which one would YOU pick?
September 10

Snackchat – Kellogg’s Oatmeal Creme Pies Cereal

Welcome to “Snackchat”! Every day there seems to be some NEW food item to tempt our taste buds, and as a couple of food connoisseurs, we want to talk about the good, the bad, and the curious! This one? Kellogg’s Little Debbie Oatmeal Creme Pies Cereal!
September 10

Hormel is Giving ALL of their Employees 2 Years of FREE College!

What started out as a small program in the town where the Hormel headquarters are located, has now turned into a nation-wide program for all 16,000 employees and their families! The goal is to create equality when it comes to getting an education, because Hormel understands the ripple effect that can have on a family and community!
September 10

Allyssa Murphy DA Blodgett St. John’s – WCSG Backpack Drive

You helped collect backpacks for Grand Rapids area foster kids and now that the drive is over, it’s time to get these bags in the hands of those children! DA Blodgett St. John’s is a organization that’s receiving some of those backpacks, and we had a chance to chat with Allyssa Murphy about what this means to the foster kids that receive them!
September 9

Panera Wants to Give You Free Coffee and Pay Your Wi-Fi Bill Next Month

In an effort to encourage people to sign up for their coffee subscription program, Panera Bread is giving you the opportunity to get your first month of the program free AND pay for your next month of home wi-fi for free just for being one of the 2,020 people to sign up on Thursday, September 10th!
September 8

Disney Weekends are Coming!

Don’t have Disney+? Can’t make it to the showing of “Moana” at the Queen’s House? Well, the folks that do the “Countdown to Christmas” are giving you a TON of Disney and Pixar movies each weekend in September! See if your favorites are on the list!
September 8

Why is White Not Allowed After Labor Day? Oh…That’s Why.

You may have heard the “rule of thumb” that you shouldn’t wear white after labor day, but where did it come from? Why is it a problem? Well, we did a little digging and found out that the rule has some roots that date back to the 19th century and centers around “old money” and “new money”. Short of it…Wear white any time you want!