In Case You Missed It:

July 18

Jeremy and Amanda Talk About The Hottest App…Face App

The big thing of the week is Face App! A new smartphone app that allows you to altar your selfies and even apply a filter that makes you look years older. BUT…is there more going on behind the scenes?
July 17

Tell Me Something Good – 07-17-19

In today’s Tell Me Something Good, Jeremy & Amanda share a story about how a Facebook group came to the sweet rescue of a mom stuck in the hospital.
July 16

J&A Interview Josh and Matt from The Afters

Jeremy & Amanda connect up with Josh Havens and Matt Fuqua of The Afters to talk about their new album, new music, life and family, and play “Before and After with The Afters”!
July 15

Tell Me Something Good – 07-15-19

Today’s Tell Me Something Good brings you to a Chick-Fil-A parking lot where a 96 year old WWII vet gets service that goes above and beyond!
July 12

Celebration Cinema – 07-12-19

Jeremy & Amanda connect up with Emily Loeks from Celebration Cinema to talk about this week’s release, “Bethany Hamilton: Unstoppable” and holdovers like “Spider-Man: Far From Home”, “Toy Story 4”, and more!
July 11

Tell Me Something Good – 07-11-19

Today’s Tell Me Something Good shares the story of how one community came together to provide one student with a special graduation ceremony.
July 11

School Supply Santa Interview

Looking for a way to help a great cause AND give the kids a chance to practice their basketball skills? Our friends Denise and Andy from School Supply Santa are hosting a 3on3 basketball tournament on July 20 to help give kids in the area the school supplies they need.!
July 10

Tell Me Something Good – 07-10-19

Today’s Tell Me Something Good finally gives you a reason to have ice cream for breakfast!
July 9

Tell Me Something Good – 07-09-19

Today’s Tell Me Something Good happens to be about an on-duty police officer who stops to help a woman in need.
July 8

Tell Me Something Good – 07-08-19

Today’s Tell Me Something Good brings us to a 5 year old’s Lemonade Stand in Ohio! Hundreds of people stopped by to grab a refreshing glass over the 4th of July weekend for a worthy cause.