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November 18

This Smart Cart is Upping the Grocery Shopping Game!

There’s the self-checkout, the shop-n-scan, home delivery too, and now a grocery store chain in Toronto is raising the bar with their smart cart!
November 18

Invite a Sheltered Dog or Cat Over for Thanksgiving This Year!

Be sure to save a seat at the Thanksgiving table this year! Okay, maybe not a seat, but set out an extra food bowl, because this animal shelter would love for you to borrow a dog or cat for the holiday!
November 15

Celebration Cinema (11-15-19)

For the thrill-seekers this week, there are a couple of new movies that should get you excited! “Ford vs. Ferrari” and “Charlie’s Angels”! We check in with Emily Loeks from Celebration Cinema with the latest!
November 15

For the Ranch Dressing Fanatic on Your Christmas List!

Clocking in at 52 ounces and setting you back $35, you no longer have to think about what to get the Ranch Dressing Fanatic on your Christmas shopping list…Hidden Valley is here to help!
November 15

Just in Time for Thanksgiving! Turkey-Shaped Butter!

Here’s a shortcut to spruce up your Thanksgiving table…butter…in the shape of a turkey! However! Thanks to Pat, we also know where to get some other great custom butter decorations!
November 15

Finally! Something for the Middle Child!

If you can identify with Jan Brady, then perhaps you too struggle with being the middle child, but now, there’s a candle just…for…you!
November 14

Tell Me Something Good (11-14-19)

Today’s Tell Me Something Good brings us to (2) sisters from North Carolina who have teamed up again this year to raise money to buy Thanksgiving meals for hundreds of families.
November 14

Celebrate the Holidays with Christmas Displays That are a “Beaut”!

“That there’s an RV!” And now you too can own Cousin Eddie’s RV as a part of a ceramic Christmas Vacation display complete with other notable moments from the holiday classic!
November 14

What a Special Way for a Pittsburgh Hospital to Celebration World Kindness Day!

Many celebrated World Kindness Day this week by wearing cardigans in honor of the late Mr. Rogers, but no one wore them better than the newborns at UPMC Magee-Womens Hospital in Pittsburgh.
November 11

The 2019 Rockefeller Tree Has a Touching Story Behind It!

This year’s Rockefeller Christmas Tree is taller and heavier that the one we all enjoyed last year, but the story behind it, is even more touching.
November 8

This Weekend with Jeremy & Amanda (11-08-19)

“What are you looking forward to this weekend?” is a question we ask you when you call in…sometimes you have something going on, this list is to help you during those times you don’t! Have a great weekend!
November 6

Tell Me Something Good (11-06-19)

Today’s Tell Me Something Good brings us to the boss’ office where boss, Rudy called employee Albert into his office, not because there was a problem, but because he wanted to bless him.
November 6

Forget Black Friday, Cash Back Day is Here to Help Your Holiday Spending!

There’s Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Small Business Saturday, and so many other “holidays” to help you save, but RetailMeNot’s “Cash Back Day” is here to help you save even more!
November 6

Get Ready for the $5,000 American Girl Doll!

She’s no regular Samantha, Felicity, Addie, or Molly…This extremely limited American Girl Doll, set to dazzle the window displays of (3) flagship American Girl Doll stores is going to cost you a pretty penny.
November 5

Tell Me Something Good (11-05-19)

Today’s Tell Me Something Good brings us to Georgia where a man was adopted by his nurse so that he could receive the health care that he needed!
November 5

Salvation Army’s Red Kettle Campaign Adopts Apple/Google Pay

You hear them every holiday season! The bell ringers for the Salvation Army Red Kettle Campaign! This year, it’s a WHOLE lot easier to give as they can now take Apple/Google Pay!
November 5

Lipton is Here to Help You Through the Holidays with “Reali-Teas”!

The holidays are hear and they carry plenty of stresses. Well…fear no more, because Lipton is here to help with their “Reali-Teas”!
November 5

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts Steps up to Help Out College Student

A college student in Minnesota was told to stop selling Krispy Kreme doughnuts, but NOW, after taking a couple days to address the situation, the donut chain has decided to go above and beyond!
November 5

The Cheesecake Factory Has Arrived in Grand Rapids!

It’s here! After waiting several months, West Michigan has a Cheesecake Factory! HOWEVER…did you know that the dessert restaurant has roots in Michigan?
November 5

A Little Encouragement from Beth Moore

Started the day today sharing some thoughts from speaker Beth Moore! Hope you’re encouraged by what she had to say!