In Case You Missed It:

March 30

The City of Rockford Found a Way to Celebrate Birthday!

With the “Stay Home. Stay Safe.” order in effect, things like birthday gatherings just aren’t possible. That’s not stopping the city of Rockford! They figured out a way to make sure the boys and girls celebrating a birthday during quarantine still feel special on their special day!
March 26

A Tell Me Something Good That Overcomes COVID-19

COVID-19 may be keeping us isolated, but Alden and Hester of Holland showed us that 72 years of marriage is stronger than the Coronavirus ever will be.
March 24

Matthew West Checks in on Your Family-Friendly Morning Show

While we continue to walk through our new normal of staying home and doing our part to slow the spread of the Coronavirus, it’s still a good idea to call and check in on friends and family. Matthew West decided to reach out to your Family-Friendly Morning Show to see how we were doing!
March 20

Enjoy These FREE Classes From Ivy League Schools While You’re in Quarantine

While you’re stuck in Quarantine, why not do something productive with your time and take a class from an Ivy League School like Harvard or Cornell! There are over 500 courses to choose from and as Sally Struthers always reminded us when we were kids, there’s always ACCOUNTING!
March 20

After One Full Week of Staying Home, Brandalyn Wants to Lead Us In Prayer

The Coronavirus has forced us to stay at home and since all the schools are closed, we’ve found ourselves trying our best to educate our kids, but that can be a difficult process for many families, so Brandalyn is here to pray us through it!
March 20

Thursday Night Home Show with Unspoken and Apollo LTD

Just in case you missed it Thursday night, WCSG connected you with Unspoken and Apollo LTD for a Facebook Live concert! Thanks so much to all those that tuned in! If you missed it…Check it out here! Enjoy!
March 19

Ride These Rides at Disney with Your Kids From the Comfort of Your Own Home!

Did the Coronavirus cancel those Spring Break plans to Disney World? It may not be EXACTLY the same, but you can ride the rides with your family virtually! You can ride Space Mountain, It’s a Small World, and so many more! Check it out!
March 19

Netflix Party is Here For You While You’re Stuck Indoors!

Just because you’re social distancing in response to Coronavirus doesn’t mean you and your friends have to forgo your movie nights or TV watching parties. Thanks to a Google Chrome extension called Netflix Party, groups of friends can get together virtually and watch their favorite Netflix titles on their computers at the same time. It even comes with a chat room, so you can share your reactions to the programs as you watch!
March 9

Check out this “Biggie Sized” Tell Me Something Good!

The students at the University of South Carolina are rallying around one Wendy’s employee after finding on that he and his mother have been “couch surfing” for the past year after they lost their home in an electrical fire!
March 9

Some Tips & Tricks to Combat the Effects of Springing Forward!

With the recent time change over the weekend, some of us might be dragging, but we found 30 tips and tricks to get some better sleep to combat the effects of losing that hour of sleep. We will say…we’re not keen on the whole wearing socks to bed thing!
March 6

Check Out Some Family Fun This Weekend! (03-06-20)

It’s the first weekend in March! Grab a Shamrock Shake, check out some butterflies, and experience hockey in a galaxy far, far away! If you’re looking for some great family-friendly activities for you and your family this weekend, check these out!
March 5

Some Tips & Tricks to Avoid Touching Your Face and Hands Due to the Coronavirus

With the heightened news about the spread of the Coronavirus, the CDC and medical professionals are sharing tips and tricks to avoid touching your face, keeping your hands clean, and preventing the spread of the illness.
March 5

Double the Fun for Colton Dixon and His Wife!

Colton Dixon recently joined your Family-Friendly Morning Show to talk about new music, touring, married life, and of course the biggest news of all, that he and his wife Annie were expecting! Well…this week, BIG news broke that they are expecting TWINS! People Magazine has the full story…what a blessing!
March 5

A State Divided…Cherries, Blueberries, OR…Apples!?

Apparently the state of Michigan doesn’t have a “state fruit”! A new bill seeks to change that by declaring the cherry, the state fruit. However…others in the state say that blueberries should be the state fruit, while others say apples! Maybe we should just go with a fruit medley?
March 3

Why are YOU up Early? This 14 Year Old Bakes!

Why are YOU up early? This 14 year old is up and at them at 5am to bake desserts! But why? Well it started in 2017 when he started using his hobby of baking to help pay medical bills, and now…to go to culinary school!
March 2

They’re Hiring at Mackinac Island!

Getting a little tired of your normal routine and want a change of scenery and a new challenge? Mackinac Island is hiring for 5,000 positions on the island like; fudge maker, bike mechanic, kitchen staff, and more!
February 28

Check Out Some Family Fun This Weekend! (02-28-20)

Time to flip the calendar from February to March! Spring is coming and we can’t wait! If you’re looking for some great family-friendly activities for you and your family this weekend, check these out!
February 27

Tenth Avenue North says “Farewell”

Saying “Goodbye” is never easy, especially when it’s someone who’s brought you so much hope and encouragement like Tenth Avenue North. “I Have this Hope”, “Strong Enough to Save”, and “Healing Begins” are just some of the songs that have helped so many listeners just like you. They will be missed while their songs continue to play, but we can be encouraged at the opportunity for new beginnings!
February 27

Uh Oh…Amanda’s Not Going to Like This!

One thing we know about Amanda is that she enjoys Diet Coke! And she’s not alone! TONS of people enjoy it. SO much so, that if Diet Pepsi is the only choice, they’d rather go without. Well…due to China’s Coronavirus issues, sounds like your Diet Coke supply could be impacted!
February 27

Dunkin’ is Now Selling the Best Part of Breakfast Like French Fries!

Bacon is a BIG thing! Most people enjoy it to NO end and could each a pound or two without blinking! Dunkin’ (Donuts) knows this and is now selling bacon like french fries! That’s right…a small bag of bacon! YUM!