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January 14

“Grandpa Cheese” Has Some Amazing Life Lessons for You!

We all can gain some wisdom from our elders and this 104 year old man, known to many as “Grandpa Cheese” has 24 amazing pieces of advice for you to live your best life!
January 14

Lauren Daigle Sings the National Anthem Before CFB Playoff Championship

Lauren Daigle, a Louisiana native and former LSU student, took the stage before the big College Football Playoff Championship game with LSU and Clemson to sing the National Anthem! How do you think she did!?
January 13

This Dad Has a Masters in Life Hacks and Art Class!

So you have 4 children and just got off of a 12-hour overnight shift. You wife needs to grocery shop and you want to nap. You also love your wife so much that you don’t want to send the kids out into the winter weather with your wife so you keep them home. SO…how do you take that nap? This dad figured it out.
January 13

Aldi Has Your Valentine’s Day Plans Covered This Year!

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and sure, you could get all dressed up, go out for dinner, pay a babysitter to watch the kids, maybe take in a movie, but that can add up. Aldi has you covered with this $4.99 heart-shaped pizza!
January 13

The Billionaire Who Purchased the First Tourist Trip to the Moon is Looking For Love!

When you’re a single billionaire that purchased the first tourist SpaceX flight to the moon in 2023, you might set aside one seat for your future love and then host a Bachelor-style documentary to find the love of your life. At least this guy is trying.
January 13

Heinz Is At It Again! Welcome “HoneyRacha” To The Heinz Family!

Heinz just announced a new blended sauce to compliment their other fun dips; MayoChup, MayoMust, MayoCue, and Kranch. “HoneyRacha” is on the way and will make its big debut on Super Bowl Sunday!
January 13

The Next US Quarter Will Feature…Fruit Bats?

It all started with the State Quarters! All 50 of them highlighted one of the great states of the U.S.A. and it spiraled out from there! Now…this year, we’ll see quarters celebrating the National Parks, and the first one features the American Samoa?
January 10

tobyMac Releases “21 Years” After The Loss of His Son Truett Foster McKeehan

In October 2019 the unthinkable happened to tobyMac and his family…the loss of his firstborn son Truett McKeehan. Hearts broke across the country for the McKeehan family as tobyMac has had such a great impact through his music and ministry. Today, tobyMac released a new song “21 Years”, written out of that heartache.
January 9

The State of Michigan Took a Top Honor, but Then We Got To Talking About the Bridge!

So we found out that Michigan is the BEST place in the WORLD for outdoor enthusiasts because all it has to offer! That includes the mighty Mackinac Bridge which someone’s a little nervous to cross! Thanks for your help and encouragement!
January 8

This Squirrel Sure Made Itself Right at Home While These New Homeowners Were Out of Town

When you go on a vacation, you hope to come back to your home the same way you left it. However, that wasn’t the case for these new home owners that had quite a shock when they got home!
January 8

A Filmmaker, a VCR From Goodwill, and Social Media Brings Together a Reunion 25 Years in the Making

The New Year is a great time to reflect back on your former self, but 26 year-old Tyre never expected to reflect back on his 10 month-old self on the news! What a story!
January 8

Is It Possible That You Suffer From Dessert Stomach?

You’ve eaten your mean, and you’re feeling a bit stuffed, but then…someone offers you dessert? Are you able to “fill in the cracks”? If so, perhaps you have “Dessert Stomach”!
January 7

This Waffle Maker Left Everyone Shocked on Christmas Morning

A little mix-up at Amazon sure gave one family a surprise when their “brand new” waffle maker showed up a little less than “brand new”.
January 7

You Can Foster Veterans Now!

You’re likely to know about child foster care, but over the years, a new kind of foster care has surfaced…Veteran Foster Care! Is this for you?
January 7

Krispy Kreme is Trying to Help You With Your Health-Conscious Resolution

You wouldn’t think that Krispy Kreme would be at the top of the list to help you with your weigh loss goals for 2020, but they just shrunk their donuts in an attempt to help!
January 7

Time to Apply to Drive the Wienermobile!

They’re called “Hotdoggers” and YOU could be one! Find out how you can travel the US in the famous Oscar Meyer Wienermobile bringing smiles to many!
January 7

Charmin Reveals a Few New Tech Toys You Didn’t Know You Needed

Charmin surprised us last year with their month-long roll of toilet paper, but THIS year they unveiled some new smart-home products!
January 7

Luna Bars Surprised Jeremy This Week!

“You are powerful, beautiful, brilliant, and brave!” is the message Jeremy received with his breakfast this morning. Turns out there’s a little more to the story!
January 6

Segway Strollers Are Coming for Those Interested in Living Out Wall-E

Segway recently unveiled their latest advancement in technology…the Segway Stroller! For people with mobility issues, this looks amazing, for the rest of us…time to suit up and live out our Wall-E fantasies!
January 6

There Sure is Something Special with These Minnesota Twins!

These Minnesota Twins will have some special to explain to everyone they meet about their New Year Birthdays!