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June 16

This 73 Year-Old Pastor Celebrated His Birthday Like He Did at 17

Pastor Bill founded the Florida Dream Center which gives out over 25,000 pounds of food each week to those in hopeless situations, but when his 73rd birthday rolled around he found another way to give back…doing what he loved to do when he was 17 years-old, driving an ice cream truck!
June 11

Virtual Walk for Live with Pregnancy Resource Center and Lakeshore Pregnancy Center

Jim Sprague from the Pregnancy Resource Center joined Jeremy & Amanda to talk about this year’s Virtual Walk for Life and how they are teaming up with the Lakeshore Pregnancy Center for the event! Check out our full interview with Jim and get more details about the Virtual Walk for Life!
June 11

Get Ready for the Return of Worship on the Waterfront!

Kathleen Bobeldyk, CEO and Event Coordinator for Worship on the Waterfront joined your Family-Friendly Morning Show to talk about the return of free family-friendly concert series and how the recent Coronavirus Pandemic has shifted the first couple of shows! What a great line-up this year too!
June 9

Flight Attendant Takes a Chance to Have a Powerful Conversation on Racial Injustice

Southwest Flight Attendant, JacqueRae did the best she could to smile and serve the passengers on her flight, but the recent discussion on racial injustice in our world has made it difficult, which is why it piqued her interested to see one passenger with a book about racism. She took the chance to chat with him and opened the door for a powerful conversation.
June 8

This 17 Year Old Has Been Serving 100 Meals a Night During Protests in Columbus

Since the age of 3, Markel Davis has wanted to be a police officer. At 17 and of mixed race, Markel feels like he sees both sides of what’s going on, but is doing “what feels right” by grilling up hot dogs, hamburgers, and brats and serving hot meals to his local police officers!
June 8

Someone Found this Million Dollar Treasure and Didn’t Even Need the Help of Nicholas Cage!

It’s a treasure that has eluded many over the past decade, but news broke this weekend that the million dollar treasure has finally been found! Word is that Nicholas Cage wasn’t available for comment! šŸ˜‰
June 8

Ryan Stevenson Celebrates TWO New Arrivals!

In chatting with Ryan Stevenson recently, we learned that he was not only looking forward to the release of his new album “Wildest Dreams” this month, but ALSO birth of his new daughter! Who knew that they would come on the SAME DAY!
June 8

This Teen Grabbed a Garbage Bag and Picked Up a Broom and Changed His Life

Many cities across the country have seen protests and some of them have turned to riots, causing hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of damage. In the wake of the destruction, many from those communities have come together to clean up. This teen did it almost single-handedly and was not only recognized for his efforts, but also rewarded!
June 5

Jeremy & Amanda Chat with Genesee County Sheriff Chris Swanson

Genesee County Sheriff Chris Swanson has been in the local, regional, and national news for laying down his helmet and baton and walked with protesters, truly being a light.
June 4

These 2 Teens Turned Helping Their Grandparents into Something MUCH Bigger!

Seniors are among the group of people most at risk for COVID-19 and these two teens knew that, so they decided to help their grandparents by going grocery shopping for them! They didn’t start there, they got a much bigger idea to expand and help MORE seniors across the country!
June 1

Maranda Joins WCSG to Chat About the Grand Rapids Protests

Over the weekend we saw the city of Grand Rapids broken when protests turned to riots. That was Saturday night. Sunday morning, the best of our community came together to clean up. WOODTV 8’s Maranda was there and we caught up with her for her thoughts and tips to open that conversation with your kids.
May 26

This Mower Gang is Changing the Landscape of Detroit

During the Coronavirus Pandemic, Michiganders have certainly heard a lot about Detroit, but it’s been from a negative perspective. HOWEVER…Thanks to this Detroit Mower Gang, there’s some good news to celebrate as they clean up the city one park at a time.
May 22

This “Dad, How Do I…” Channel Amassed 1.5 Million Subscribers in 6 Days!

Rob’s dad left when he was 14, leaving him to figure out life on his own. Years later with a wife of 29 years and a couple of grown adult children, Rob created a YouTube channel, “Dad, How Do I…” which has amassed 1.5 million subscribers in 6 days with its fatherly “how to’s”!
May 19

This 3-Piece Band Played 85 Show in 3 Days!

3 Days…168 Miles…and 85 performances…this 3-piece band nailed every show! These 3 band directors performed the school fight song for their high school seniors one last time since the Coronavirus disrupted their plans for a final concert and “normal” end to their high school career.
May 18

IKEA is Here to Help You and Your Kids Build a Blanket Fort!

The interesting thing about our Quarantine Life is how it’s helping us remember some of the more simpler forms of entertainment. Well, if you haven’t found yourself in the throws of building a blanket fort, check these handing instructions from IKEA to build the best of the forts!
May 15

This Georgia Teacher Came up With an Interesting Way to Visit His Students

One teacher out of Georgia is breaking away from the virtual learning and Zoom meetings to meet his students where they are to lift their spirits! If that’s not enough, it’s also an opportunity to give back to help those children in “food insecure” situations. Great job Mr.Ā McAllister!
May 15

FREE Smoothies for a GREAT Cause!

Tropical Smoothie Cafe supports WCSG and through June 5th they’re supporting theĀ American Nurses Foundationā€™s COVID-19 Response Fund by first giving away a million smoothies! Once the free smoothies have been given away, they’ll be donating $100,000 to the fund! What are you waiting for? Grab your free smoothie now!
May 14

Your Turn!

After several weeks of staying home and staying safe, we’re ALL looking for ways to stay busy and stay entertained. After playing tic-tac-toe with her school friends via Zoom, 11 year-old Julia decided to play a game with her mail carrier! What a delightful idea!
May 12

Send a FREE Snickers to Essential Workers!

Essential workers have been keeping the world turning while the Coronavirus has shut down so many services and closed schools. Everyone from the nurses and doctors that take care of us to the postal workers that deliver our packages and thousands of others, they all need to be recognized and Snickers wants to help! With a name and a phone number you can send the essential worker in YOUR life, a FREE Snickers candy bar!
May 8

West Michigan Whitecaps Update with Jenny Garone

The Coronavirus has many things on hold, including America’s favorite pastime…Baseball! We connected with Jenny Garone from the West Michigan Whitecaps to hear how they’re impacting the communities of West Michigan while we wait for the season to start!