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December 2

Interview – Breighanna & Jessica of Hark Up!

Breighanna Minnema and Jessica Trenshaw of Hark Up! stopped by the WCSG Studios to share the details behind this year’s program and how the pandemic has made an impact in how you can see the show!
December 2

Drive YOUR Car at the Michigan International Speedway

2020 just delivered a fun way to give back thanks to the Michigan International Speedway Cares Charity Track and Toy Drive! Saturday, you have the opportunity to take 5 laps around the race track, at highway speeds, in YOUR car! All you need to do is donate a non-perishable food item or new, unwrapped toy to the drive! Find out more here!
December 2

Create a Crazy & Wacky Christmas Cookie Recipe and Win $5,000!

The folks at Reynolds Wrap want to help you countdown to 2021 with a Cookie Countdown, BUT, they need your help! They’re looking for a Cookie Connoisseur to create a crazy Christmas Cookie recipe with some wacky ingredients to be the star of the countdown! Find out how you can apply here!
December 1

Kindness Calendar for December 2020

2020 certainly threw us a curve ball of ups and downs, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t dig down this December and spread some extra kindness to wrap up the year. We found this Kindness Calendar and thought we’d pass it along! Thanks for being awesome!
December 1

FREE Starbucks for Essential Workers

“Our hope with this is to reignite the movement of gratitude and to show those on the front line how much they are appreciated.” That’s from the Starbucks VP of Global Social Impact as Starbucks will be offering free coffee, hot or iced, for all essential workers through the rest of the month! They also just kicked off their “Starbucks for Life” contest if you don’t happen to be an essential worker! 🙂  
November 20

Thank Some Teachers Thanks to Hallmark

As many of us try to help our students with virtual school at home, we recognize just how hard our teachers are working to take care of our students in such an unprecedented year. Hallmark recognizes this and is giving you the opportunity to send a greeting card to show your appreciation for FREE!
November 20

Interview – Jenn Amo of Warning Lights (November 2020)

As COVID has our students engaging with the classroom virtually, devices and internet access are opening the doors to dangers new and old. We connected with Jenn Amo of Warning Lights to talk about what parents and students can do to help protect themselves in this digital school year.
November 13

Snackchat – Cheetos Cook Book

Everyone’s favorite snacking cheetah is here to help you bring some bold flavors to your kitchen! The folks at PepsiCo, revealed the MTN DEW Cook Book earlier this week and now Frito-Lay which is under the same umbrella company revealed details about a Cheetos-themed Cook Book! There’s even a charity aspect to it, which is extra sweet…or crunchy as it were.
November 12

Snackchat – MTN DEW Cook Book

Are your traditional appetizers and meals just not cutting it anymore? Need to add a little caffeine boost to your pancakes or eggs? Your time has come! The folks at Mountain Dew…sorry, MTN DEW, have released a cook book entitled, “The Big Bold Book of MTN DEW Recipes” and contains 40 recipes for everything from breakfast to dessert! Bring your next meal to the XTREME!
November 12

What That Cup of Coffee Says About You

While a coffee mug is a great way to display your personality, perhaps look at what’s inside your cup to have a better idea of who you are. At least, that’s according to a recent study. Amanda enjoys straight black coffee which means, perhaps, she’s a bit antisocial, while Jeremy falls more towards the extra sweet coffee side of things, meaning he’s friendly and kind! Where do you fall? Check out what that means!
November 5

This Doesn’t Seem Like the Worst Way to Spend 2 Weeks!

Over the past few years, thanks to the internet, we’ve seen numerous companies offering to pay someone to binge-watch Netflix, or watch endless hours of TV, well now the folks behind the web browser Opera want to pay someone $9,000 to live stream themselves browsing the internet for 2 weeks! Doesn’t sound like the worst way to spend a couple weeks!
November 5

The Cutest Mayor We’ve Ever Seen!

2 days after the Election and we’re still awaiting final results in a few key states that will ultimately determine the next President of the United States, but as we wait, let’s all enjoy this Mayoral Election from Kentucky that quite possibly has one of the cutest winners ever!
November 2

Election Day Deals & Freebies!

We all know that the true reward for casting your vote is the freedom of expressing your civil right, but it never hurts to also be rewarded with an “I Voted” sticker! While those are pretty standard on Election Day, there are some businesses that are providing some Election Day Deals & Freebies as a thank you or to help you get to the polls! Check them out!
November 2

Ideas for that Leftover Candy

If you have leftover Halloween candy, whether from handing it out, or collecting it, but you’d rather not have it sit around in candy bowls around your house, there are a few different things you can do to not only get rid of the candy, but also give back!
November 2

Guess What’s Back? Oh Yeah, It’s in the Image Above

It’s back! Or, actually…It’s coming back. On December 2nd, everyone’s “favorite holiday sandwich” returns! At least that’s what the folks at McDonald’s call it as it releases the sandwich between Thanksgiving and Christmas. This time though…the famous sandwich will be released at all 14,400 US locations!
October 30

Family-Friendly Weekend Activities

Candy, Costumes, Time Change, and a lot more is going on this weekend! Our friend Maranda has put together a great guide of family fun activities for you and your family to enjoy this weekend! Check it out! Anyone going to dress up as your Family-Friendly Morning Show? 😉
October 29

Time to “Fall Back”…Here’s Your “To Do” List!

Regardless if you’re looking forward to it or not, this weekend we set all of our clocks back one hour! This time of the year is a great reminder to replace batteries in our smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, but here’s a handy guide of some other things you should take care of, that you might not have thought of!
October 12

Emergency Preparedness –

Whether it’s a nasty summer storm or a blustery winter polar vortex, one thing we can do is prepare. Big thanks to Kathy who reached out to us this morning as we talk about “planning” to let us know about a great resource which over helpful tips and tricks to help you and your family plan and prepare for emergencies and more!
October 8

Theaters are REOPENING in Michigan!

Movie theaters are finally reopening in Michigan after closing down in March due to COVID. Obviously things are going to look a little different, so we connected up with Emily Loeks from Celebration Cinema to talk about what changes you can expect and what movies are available on the big screen!
October 8

Fishing for Love, Harris Found Himself a Keeper!

Losing a mate is never an easy thing, and the animal kingdom goes through it too. For a species that generally mates for life, when Harris the otter lost his partner Apricot, he was beside himself. So, his zoo put together a dating profile and found him his next love, Pumpkin! Talk about a second chance at love!