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May 16

WCSG Top 10 – May 16th, 2020

It’s your Top 10 songs of the week! Jeremy & Amanda count down your top 10 songs of this week! Check to see if YOUR favorite songs made the Top 10 this week!
May 15

Michael W. Smith Celebrates “Waymaker” with a Quarantine Edition!

On the national level, Michael W. Smith and Vanessa Campagna’s “Waymaker” has officially become your #1 song of the week! Michael W. Smith said, “There is something incredibly special and meaningful about ‘Waymaker,’ and I think it going #1 during this trying time speaks to the message of the song. It is really resonating with people and giving them hope.” To celebrate the accomplishment, Michael W. Smith got together with Vanessa Campagna and the rest of his band to perform a special “Quarantine Version” of the song!
May 15

Cory Asbury Revives His YouTube Page with One-Take Covers!

Coronavirus Quarantine has all of us looking for things to do and Cory Asbury is no exception. This week saw Cory take to his YouTube channel to debut a series he’s calling “One-Take Covers” in which he covers some familiar songs in one-take, live from his downtown loft in Kalamazoo. His first cover… “Moon River”, check it out!
May 12

Send a FREE Snickers to Essential Workers!

Essential workers have been keeping the world turning while the Coronavirus has shut down so many services and closed schools. Everyone from the nurses and doctors that take care of us to the postal workers that deliver our packages and thousands of others, they all need to be recognized and Snickers wants to help! With a name and a phone number you can send the essential worker in YOUR life, a FREE Snickers candy bar!
May 9

WCSG Top 10 – May 9th, 2020

It’s your Top 10 songs of the week! Jeremy & Amanda count down your top 10 songs of this week! Check to see if YOUR favorite songs made the Top 10 this week!
May 8

MercyMe “Almost Home” Quarantine Grab Bad Version

MercyMe, like many artists, have been performing from home as they’ve been releasing some Quarantine Grab Bag performances! Over the past week MercyMe dropped a Quarantine Grab Bag Version of your #4 song of the week, “Almost Home”!
May 8

Matt Maher Gets a Shout Out on National TV!

During this season of uncertainty, stress, and even fear due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, many of our are finding and clinging to anything that could bring some hope and encouragement into our lives! It was an unexpected surprise for Matt Maher to get a shout out on National TV this week…
May 8

Mother’s Day – It Was Mom Tribute!

Every heartbeat began with a mom. She willingly accepted this sleepless, sticky, soul-stressing job. For 9 months, 9 years, 90 years, she taught us right from wrong, left from right, and baking soda from baking powder. She washed and bathed us. She taught us to love God, love others, and to love ourselves. She read to us and taught us what the words meant. She was our cheerleader. It was, is, and forever will be Mom.
May 8

Mother’s Day – A Spoken Word Tribute!

As we prepare to celebrate Mother’s Day, we found a great spoken word tribute to celebrate mom! If you’re a mom, thank you and we hope you enjoy this, if you’re not a mom, feel free to share it with yours, or another mom that you know and let them know how special they are!
April 29

Lauren Daigle Coloring Sheets for EVERYONE!

While you continue to sort out what remote learning looks like in your household, Lauren Daigle has art class covered! Her team put together some coloring sheets that feature Lauren Daigle and song lyrics for you and your kids! Best of all…they’re FREE!


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