WCSG Vote 2020 – Voter FAQ


Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I find information on polling locations?

You can find out information from your local city or country clerks’ office.  To find a complete list click Here.

How do I check my voting status?

Check your voting status Here.

Do I have to vote in person?

No.  While voting in person is still an option during the Covid-19 pandemic, if you desire not to vote in person or are adverse to being in such a public space, you have multiple voting options.  You can participate in early voting, which is typically up to the day before November 3, 2020.  You can vote absentee by contacting your clerk’s office for more information.  You can find a list that has your city or county clerk’s location and phone numbers Here.

What if I don’t get my absentee ballot in time?

If you apply too late or have not received your absentee ballot, you can visit the Michigan Secretary of State Office Here to receive further instructions.

What if I have questions on Election Day?

Most of those questions can be answered by your local clerk’s election office.  Find out ways to contact them Here.

Can I be sure my absentee ballot will be counted?

As of Friday, September 18, 2020, a federal judge has ruled Michigan will continue to count absentee ballots through two weeks after the Michigan election closes.  While it is typical to have voter results certified up to two weeks after the election is over, Michigan will allow those absentee ballots that arrive in the clerk’s office after the election closes to be counted as if they had been cast on Election Day.  You can be certain your vote will count.